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    Beschreibung: Prevent unauthorized software distribution. Agile.NET Copy Protection helps you add copy protection to your software in less than 5 minutes. It let's you easily introduce new pricing, packaging and software licensing models to existing software. ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Beschreibung: Protect Java software against code modification and IP theft. Jfuscator is a Java code protection and obfuscation solution. It protects your intellectual property by making it extremely difficult to reverse engineer Java applications. Jfuscator knows what ... Lesen Sie mehr

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    Beschreibung: Advanced software protection for .NET applications. Agile.NET Code Protection helps you obfuscate every aspect of your code, including class and method names, managed resources, user strings, methods implementation, system and library calls. It protects ... Lesen Sie mehr

  4. Beschreibung: Automatically classify and mask sensitive SQL Server data. ApexSQL Mask is a tool that can automatically classify and mask sensitive SQL Server data. It has 55+ built in data classification filters and 220+ predefined data masks. The tool can mask data at ... Lesen Sie mehr

  5. Beschreibung: Manage SQL Server jobs including job history overview, job schedules and job alerts. ApexSQL Job is a powerful database administration tool used for SQL Server Agent job management on multiple servers. It allows SQL Agent jobs to be created, edited, ... Lesen Sie mehr

  6. Beschreibung: Advanced .NET obfuscation, code and intellectual property protection. CliSecure features advanced obfuscation techniques that keep class and method names intact while completely hiding IL code stored in assembly methods, replacing the method bodies with ... Lesen Sie mehr

  7. Beschreibung: Virtualization performance monitoring. ApexSQL VM Monitor lets you monitor, detect, alert on and solve virtualization performance problems. Monitor multiple hypervisors - Hyper-V and VMware, view system performance metrics of monitored hosts, monitor ... Lesen Sie mehr

  8. Versionshinweise: Up to 200% faster processing of audited data. Extended Events can now be used as an auditing mechanism for SQL Server 2012 or higher. SQL Audit can now be used as an auditing mechanism for SQL Server 2017 or higher. Up to 200% smaller overhead when using ... Lesen Sie mehr

  9. Beschreibung: SQL Server index monitoring, analysis, maintenance and defragmentation. ApexSQL Defrag is an enterprise SQL Server tool used for analyzing, monitoring and managing SQL Server index fragmentation. The application allows detailed index fragmentation ... Lesen Sie mehr

  10. Versionshinweise: Rule descriptions are now more detailed and descriptive. Rule descriptions are now more detailed and descriptive. The following rules have been deprecated: APX1098 - "Execute statement". APX1142 - "Nolock hint". APX1279 - "Schema ... Lesen Sie mehr