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DLSC provides Java consulting and implementation services. We also develop software products with a focus on frameworks and tools for user interface design and implementation. Our product catalog currently includes a Java class library for creating professional Gantt charts and a free plugin for the Eclipse development environment, which enables Eclipse to render scaleable vector graphics (SVG).

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Como distribuidores oficiales y autorizados, ComponentSource le suministra licencias legítimas directamente de DLSC

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Asylweg 28
CH-8134 Zurich
Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm CET (UTC+1.00)


Titulares de noticias

CalendarFX released
Add professional calendars to your JavaFX applications.
FlexGanttFX V1.2.0 released
New version adds line manager for displaying non-overlapping activities in Gantt layout.
FlexGanttFX released
Add professional Gantt charts to your JavaFX applications.
FlexGantt 2.0 released
Adds selectable links (relationships), menu support for links and new animated tree node expand / collapse operations.