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Add Professional Gantt Charts to your Java Applications.

 FlexGantt is an advanced Gantt chart user interface component for Swing, which allows its users to interact with project plans and scheduling results. Applications using FlexGantt can customize the Gantt component in almost any way. Not only the rendering and editing of timeline related data can be modified but also the behaviour of the entire component. This is accomplished by pluggable policy implementations, where each policy controls the behaviour of a certain aspect of the Gantt chart.

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  • JavaBean
  • Java Class

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Últimas Novedades

FlexGantt 2.0 released
FlexGantt 2.0 released
Adds selectable links (relationships), menu support for links and new animated tree node expand / collapse operations.
FlexGantt updated
FlexGantt updated


We use a gantt-chart to display and plan service activities from ERP systems. With FlexGantt the dispatcher has a state-of-the-art tool to schedule his service activities with all comfortable features you can imagine.
We first had a bad experience with another Gantt library and were looking for a performing, customizable component allowing us to represent data through an attractive tool. When evaluating FlexGantt library, we have instantly been really impressed because it seemed to correspond to our main expectations and needs.
I have used Flexgantt for one project where it was necessary to work with audits, absence, and all kinds of activities against time. Flexgantt has a big advantage over other applications with Gantt, it is possible to override all classes, thus developers can add new features to their projects.
I spent a significant amount of time looking for and evaluating Gantt chart packages and component libraries for use in a project, and they all paled in comparison to the kind of look and feel, features and flexibility offered by FlexGantt.
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