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MindFusion Group products and services are based on the advanced technologies of industry leaders like Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and Macromedia as well as on open-source products. The professionals working with the MindFusion Group specialize in different areas of application and web development, database design and management, systems and network integration. They utilize the available technologies to maximum extent to create manageable, cost-efficient and flexible software solutions.

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2230 Kostinbrod


Productos actuales

Titulares de noticias

MindFusion.Diagramming for WPF V3.3 released
New version adds support for Visio Stencils.
FlowChart.NET adds Support for Visio Stencils
Diagrams can now display shapes from stencil files from Visio 2003 XML (.vsx) files.
Fusion for Windows Forms adds Visio Stencils
New version can now load and display shapes from Visio stencils (.vsx).
MindFusion.Diagramming for JavaScript released
Add platform independent diagramming to your application.
MindFusion NetDiagram V5.4.1 released
New version improves text rendering and adds styled text in canvas mode.
MindFusion.Silverlight Pack 2015.R1 released
New version adds new Tree Map layout.