Acerca de Calendar Widgets

Create dynamic calendars with this set of four reusable components.

Calendar Widgets consists of: Sheridan MonthView - for displaying up to three months at a time for quick selection of multiple dates. Holidays, weekends, and special days can be highlighted; YearView - All the features of month view with the added functionality of displaying a year at a time. Calendar Widgets also includes Sheridan DateCombo - Allows you to specify input and format masks so dates are entered and stored correctly; Sheridan DayView - Allow incorporation of a daily time schedule, with intervals from 5 to 60 minutes. Infragistics Calendar Widgets was formerly called Sheridan Calendar Widgets.

1. MonthView control

With the MonthView control, you can display one to three months at a time for quick and easy selection of dates. And since MonthView can be bound to any database supported by Microsoft Visual Basic data control, the professional application developer can be sure that only valid dates will be stored in the database. Special days, holidays and other events can be made to visually stand out from the rest. Of course, any day or day-of-the-week can be disabled, further enhancing date validation.

2. YearView control

As MonthView's functional companion, the YearView control not only has all the same control features as MonthView but also has the added functionality of displaying one year at a time. YearView can be the foundation of any year-planning application with its ability to add color and pictures. And because you can assign the beginning month of your choice, YearView is perfect for corporate developers whose fiscal year does not start in January. It is also data bindable.

3. DateCombo control

An invaluable tool for developers who design and code data entry forms, the DateCombo control offers total flexibility in specifying the input and format masks, so dates are guaranteed to be entered easily and correctly. Not only is DateCombo data-bindable, but its sheer number of properties makes the user interface extremely customizable. An additional benefit is that the user can drop down a full-featured version of MonthView for even easier selection of dates.

4. DayView control

The DayView control is the perfect control when a daily time schedule needs to be incorporated into an application. Whether for an Executive Information System (EIS), a PIM or group scheduling application, DayView can display tasks in a variety of formats. And, since the time intervals can be set from 5 to 60 minutes, finding free time during the day is incredibly easy.

So whatever date and time references your applications need, Calendar Widgets is the ideal vehicle for visually representing them. And as a Sheridan Reusable Component, they can be used in any development environment capable of hosting Visual Basic Custom Controls or ActiveX Controls. Get Calendar Widgets now and get your applications done in a timely fashion!