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NetAdvantage for JSF is a set of rich, easily-styled AJAX Web UI components. The components include tree, grid, menu, tab, and numerous input controls. The core of the framework is AJAX-enabled and UI element-based for styling simplicity. You can quickly and easily deliver a polished, professional look and feel your users expect. Use the built-in UI styles simply by instantiating the components in your Web applications. The components deliver high performance and seamless data transfers to and from your end users. Leveraging AJAX technology with the convenience of effortless application styling, the collection of JavaServer Faces (JSF) components included with NetAdvantage for JSF ensures a great user experience.

NetAdvantage for JSF Key Features:

  • AJAX Integration:No code AJAX: AJAX is transparently integrated into NetAdvantage to allow code-free component updates without a full page submission. (This means developers don’t need to know how to code AJAX, it’s turned on by default.) This integration also enables NetAdvantage to “play well” with other products that follow the AJAX specifications.
  • Input Components: NetAdvantage’s input components extend those available in the JSF core tag libraries. We...

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NetAdvantage for JSF 2009 Vol 2 released
NetAdvantage for JSF 2009 Vol 2 released
November 2, 2009Nuevas funcionalidades
Now includes WebGrid Row Filtering, plus support for IBM WebSphere Application Server 7.0.

Precios desde: $ 583.10

One software license is required per developer. Run-time royalty free. Please note: NetAdvantage for JSF 2009 volume 2 is the last version of this product Infragistics are releasingCustomers will be...

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Tipo de componente
  • AJAX
  • JavaServer Faces (JSF)

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