Lanzamientos de MadCap Analyzer

Released: Mar 15, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in 9

  • Advanced Sorting in Tables - Sort tables by choosing which columns to sort first.
  • Assign Master Page per Topic - You can now associate a master page with individual topics, which is beneficial if you want some topics to use one master page and other topics to use a different master page.
  • Assign Stylesheets per Topic - Associate stylesheets with specific content files. Generally, local stylesheets take precedence over master stylesheets.
  • Conditions on Styles - Associate a condition...

Released: Jun 18, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in V8

  • Edit Universal 3D (U3D) objects in Flare topics.
  • Click and drag to reposition an element.
  • Insert cross references (rather than hyperlinks) automatically when dragging topics from the File List into the XML Editor.
  • Create custom date/time variables and insert them into topics or snippets.
  • New global dictionaries can be used by all MadCap projects on your computer.
  • Float an element (such as a topic) by dragging it down until it floats.
  • Preview thumbnail images directly within the XML...

Released: Aug 28, 2014

Updates in this release

Updates in V7

  • Added preview bars at the bottom of the File List window pane.
  • Added word count in lower-left corner of XML Editor.
  • Redesigned Find and Replace interface.
  • Integrated Find and Replace widgets in topics.
  • New Find and Replace in files window pane.
  • Whole word searching.
  • Save search results in CSV files.
  • Support for back references with regular expressions.
  • Crash report created when an unhandled exception issue occurs.