Acerca de MadCap Contributor

Contribución y revisión de documentos.

MadCap Contributor makes it easy for anyone in your organization to review and contribute content to your documentation. Managers and subject matter experts (SMEs) can edit and review topics, make annotations, and update content with a simple, easy-to-use interface. Tight integration with MadCap Flare makes MadCap Contributor an essential tool in the contribution and review process.

A Streamlined Workflow for Content Development - Send and receive review packages directly within the app, instead of using non-integrated products such as Word or PDF

  • Allow SMEs to easily review, edit or create content for MadCap Flare publishing.
  • Send reviewed, revised, or annotated content with track changes back and forth with reviewers and SMEs via email, SharePoint or using External Resources.
  • Contribution templates set by the author ensure formatting and styles are maintained.
  • Advanced track changes help manage the editing and review process:
    • Automatically enabled when reviewers open topics in MadCap Contributor.
    • All changes are tracked, along with the user who performed the change.

MadCap Contributor contribution/review workflow:

  • Open the contribution template or review package sent from the author.
  • Edit the content in Contributor.
  • Accept or reject changes if topic already includes tracked changes, or insert annotations.
  • Return the contribution template or review package to the author.