MadCap Contributor 9 r3

Released: Feb 18, 2023

Actualizaciones en 9 r3


  • A Completely Redesigned Start Page - The Start Page has been completely redesigned for improved usability and quick access to recent projects and resources.
  • Definition Lists and List Enhancements - Added a new user interface, featuring options and shortcuts, which makes creating definition lists much easier. A definition list is used to create a group of terms and definitions. Key Benefits:
    • Definition Lists and Context - By using definition list tags, as opposed to different markup, such as headings and regular paragraphs, you can provide context for the content.
    • Definition Lists Instead of Tables for Snippets - While creating snippets for parts of a table can be quite difficult, if not impossible, producing snippets from parts of a definition list is easy.
    • Other List Enhancements and Options for Adding Lists:
      • You can now disable the source control provider within MadCap Lingo, removing the UI elements of the source control provider.
      • Paragraph tags are now automatically added inside all list items by default.
      • Added a new floating icon with options for list creation.
      • Added support for merging and sorting lists, plus list shortcuts.
      • Added other list behavior: Unbinding, Pasting, Outdenting and Snippets.
  • New Alternate Text Field Available - Added an alternate text field when creating or editing various links such as hyperlinks and cross-references. Providing text in this field helps to increase accessibility for users who are unable to view an element.
  • Command Line Activation - For enterprise licenses, you can now activate (or deactivate) the application using the command line. This can be helpful if you are using imaged machines that cannot activate MadCap Lingo from the user interface.