Acerca de SharePoint AD Management Pack

Solución de administración de permisos todo en uno de SharePoint.

SharePoint AD Management Pack is a suite of four powerful SharePoint administration enhancements designed to ease the burden of SharePoint administrators. Comprising of Password Change, AD Information Sync, AD Administration, and AD Self Service, AD Management Pack greatly boosts SharePoint administration productivity by delegating non-system critical tasks related to Active Directory to users, and integrating AD operations with SharePoint. The SharePoint Password Change web part considerably alleviates administrator workload by giving SharePoint users the ability to change their own passwords while ensuring access security. It consists of two Web Parts: Password Change and Password Expiration Warning.

SharePoint AD Management Pack

  • Allows administrator to permit any users the ability to change other's AD properties
  • Change AD or Local NT passwords without administrator intervention
  • Notify users before passwords expire
  • Synchronize AD users, AD information, user photos, computers, contacts, and OUs or any modifications made to SharePoint list with AD
  • Warns users on password change failures or if password does not meet policy
  • Manually or schedule an automatic synchronization
  • Administrator can grant any users with authoritative power to manage organizational units, users and groups in AD
  • Records operations into log files
  • Send e-mail notifications to system administrators or managers once properties have been changed
  • Administrator can decide delegation scope and permissions for each user
  • With the permission of the administrator, users can e-mail other users or groups directly from within AD admin web part
  • Properties & tabs can be added or removed by the administrator from within the web part
  • Change password to current logged in user only via main user menu in SharePoint
  • Import/export sync profiles
  • Customizable error messages
  • Exclude specified information in sync process

Does your system admin constantly need to keep staff profiles up-to-date? Or have you considered the costs of downtime when a member of staff's password expires? Or would you like to reduce data redundancy in AD users and SharePoint lists? Or significantly reduce the system administrator's workload?

SharePoint AD Management Pack allows for all of these. SharePoint AD Management Pack has SharePoint AD Self Service which allows for users to update and maintain their own profiles. SharePoint Password change allows users to personally change their passwords before expiration to prevent system lockout. SharePoint AD Information Sync synchronizes AD information with SharePoint lists to help keep both parallel. SharePoint AD Admin web part helps reduce overall workload for system admin by scope delegation.

By eliminating required prior interventions along with allowing staff to proactively update their AD profiles, the system admin can perform more value added activities. Reducing downtime will save the company tens of thousands of dollars a year. All of these tools used together will contribute to reducing the system administrator's workload.