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Lanzamientos de Syncfusion Essential Studio Business Intelligence Edition

November 22, 2012

Updates in 2012 Volume 4

  • SSAS Cube Analysis with GUI Interaction - Tools such as slicers, filters and summaries have been added to allow users to intuitively drag-and-drop measures and dimensions to pivot data as desired.
  • JSON Mode - In JSON mode only the necessary cell values are sent for rendering during drill-up and drill-down operations to improve the control's performance.
  • Office 2010 and Transparent Themes - The WPF and Silverlight BI controls now support Office 2010 and transparent themes...
May 11, 2012

Updates in 2012 Volume 2

  • All new support for editing and updating Pivot Grid data
  • Support for adding calculated measures interactively using the provided OLAP Client UI
  • Support for Quartet FS' ActivePivot engine
  • PivotGrid allows users to summarize selected columns and rows of data in a database table to organize it in a cross-tabulated form
  • View MDX queries displayed in a separate dialog
February 06, 2012

Updates in 2012

Essential BI Grid

  • Hide Summary Elements - Hide summary elements of an OLAP grid at different levels based on the level name or level number
  • Frozen Headers - Freeze the header of a grid so that headers are always visible when scrolling through a grid

Essential BI PivotGrid

  • Show or Hide Subtotals - Enables users to have an abstract view of data
  • Persist Expand/Collapse State - Maintain the expanded/collapsed state in a PivotGrid control when the pivot schema has changed
  • Disable...
October 26, 2011

Updates in 2011

Essential BI Chart

  • Drill Position Support - This feature enables you to restrict drilling operations to a specific level of a dimension, making it an optimized way to load drilled data when the objective is to analyze only the current position of the drilled member. This saves loading time by excluding the unselected position of the current member’s data.

Essential BI Grid

  • ASP.NET MVC Implementation - Essential BI Grid is available for the ASP.NET MVC platform, allowing users to...
May 11, 2011

Updates in 2011 Vol 2

All OLAP Controls

  • Connecting a Mondrian Server through XMLA - Now, OLAP controls support XML for Analysis (XMLA) as a standard for client applications to talk to multidimensional or OLAP data sources available in a Mondrian server. Messages are communicated back and forth using web standards - HTTP, SOAP, and XML - and the query language is MDX, most widely supported for reporting from multidimensional data stores


  • Grid Paging Support - Essential BI Grid supports...
February 08, 2011

Updates in 2011 Vol 1


Pivot Grid

  • Field List - To make it easier to add or delete items in the PivotGrid control’s grouping bar, a window called Pivot Grid Field List has been provided. This window contains all the fields that are bound to items defined in the PivotFields property of the control.
  • Grouping Bar Context Menu - The grouping bar context menu allows you to launch a Pivot Grid Field List, sort items in the grouping bar, and refresh the grid with updated data. It contains the Reload...
November 03, 2010

Updates in Syncfusion Essential BI Grid for WPF and Silverlight 2010 Vol 4

  • Conditional formatting
    Conditional formatting allows you to format grid cells based on specified conditions. This can be achieved by defining OlapGridDataConditionalFormat, which allows you to specify the criteria for filtering the cells and set the styles to be applied. Background, foreground, font family, font size, and font weight can all be customized for value cells.
  • Selecting cells
    Cell selection is now supported...
February 12, 2010

Updates in 2010 Vol 1

Essential Studio 2010 Volume 1 features support for Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft .NET 4.0 for all Syncfusion products, as well as many feature enhancements that make the tools more powerful and flexible, while remaining easy to use.

Syncfusion Essential Studio User Interface Edition Updates

  • Developers can now provide a fast Silverlight and WPF, allowing end-users to quickly load and scroll through over 100 million rows of data.
  • A new TileView control for Silverlight and...
November 26, 2009

Updates in 2009 Vol. 4

Essential Chart ASP.NET

  • Custom Axes in Polar and Radar Charts
  • Multiple Pie or Bull’s-Eye Type Charts

Essential Schedule ASP.NET

  • Appointment Rendering Time

Essential Grid ASP.NET MVC

  • Performance Enhancement
  • Summary Rows
  • Disable-Sorting Columns
  • Multicolumn Drop-Down Grid

Essential Tools ASP.NET MVC

  • Menu
  • Generic Drop-Down
  • AutoComplete Text Box

Essential DocIO

  • Native Silverlight Support
  • Performance Improvements
  • Improved Word to PDF Conversion

Essential PDF

  • Native Silverlight...