VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF)

VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) is a component to easily create and manage and print 2D and 3D drawings. VectorDraw objects expose methods and properties that are compatible with most common vector formats and other CAD objects. It supports over 10 vector formats and many raster formats. VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) is fully object oriented, the component is written in .NET C# code. An ActiveX component is also supplied. This ActiveX provides backward compatibility for older development platforms like Visual Basic 6.0 (VB 6) and Delphi. VectorDraw Developer for Compact Framework (CE Libraries) also included.

VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) is a graphics engine-library that can be used from developers in order to visualize their applications. You can easily create, edit, manage, export, import and print 2D and 3D drawings - graphic files. A format used by VDF named VDML (and VDCL same as VDML but compressed) XML based that supports custom objects and is not depended from the component's version. The library also supports import-export of several vector and raster formats including native SVG...

Últimas novedades

VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) 8.8006.x
VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) 8.8006.x
Adds support for LAS and LAZ laser point cloud data formats.
VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) 8.8005.x
VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) 8.8005.x
Mejora el rendimiento al cargar formatos VDML y VDCL.
VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) 8.8002.1.0
VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) 8.8002.1.0
Añade un nuevo método para permitir acercar o alejar con respecto a un punto de píxel.
VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) v8.8001
VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) v8.8001
Añade nueva compatibilidad con importación de PDF, además de mejorar la compatibilidad con archivos EMF.
VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) v7.015.1.1
VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) v7.015.1.1
Mejora el motor de representación y la compatibilidad con sombras, además de proporcionar correcciones de errores.
VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) v7.011.1.0
VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) v7.011.1.0
Incluye mejoras de rendimiento, nuevas propiedades y correcciones de errores.

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IMPORTANT: The Annual License allows you to use the tool for a 1 year or 12 month period only. Please note that this Annual License needs to be renewed in year 2 to allow you to continue to use the...

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  • .NET Class
  • .NET Compact Framework
  • 100% Managed Code
  • ActiveX OCX

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steven.hill GA, USA5 estrella
We have been using the VectorDraw Framework since 2007. We were afraid that there was not a product on the market that would meet the requirements for our new application. Luckily, we found VectorDraw... Leer más

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h_najmi Canada3 estrella
I have been using this component for more than two years now. The component itself is powerful and rich. However, when it comes to documentation, help and technical support it only compares to the... Leer más