Acerca de X12 Integrator Windows Phone Edition

Add Internet EDI parsing and message generation to your applications.

X12 Integrator includes software components that facilitate Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) mapping and translation (X12 & EDIFACT). The components include flexible schema support enabling developers to use various schema formats allowing for easier integration with existing EDI processing applications.

The X12 Integrator provides flexibility for developers interested in enabling their software systems with Internet EDI (X12 and EDIFACT) parsing and message generation. The X12 Integrator includes two dynamic EDI components that can be used to parse and generate EDI (X12 and EDIFACT) data.

  • EDIReader - Parses an incoming EDI document (X12 or EDIFACT) so you may read the data in the document. This component can either load an entire document at once or stream portions of the document. Loading the entire document at once allows developers to use the XPath property to easily navigate the document. For larger documents, developers can choose to streamline parsing and only navigate sections of the document.
  • EDIWriter - Generates new EDI documents (X12 or EDIFACT) from scratch. The EDI writer component allows you to create a document from scratch, one segment at a time.

Flexible Schema Support
There is no single official standard for EDI Schemas and the EDIReader and EDIWriter components were designed with this in mind. Rather than require the use of a custom schema format, or require a single schema type, the EDIReader and EDIWriter support multiple, common, schema formats. This allows for easier integration with existing EDI processing applications.

X12 Integrator includes support for the following schemas

The components also support parsing an EDI or X12 document without loading a schema. In this scenario you can traverse the document using the XPath property