Améliorez les performances d'affichage d’ActiveReportsJS

Avril 16, 2024
Découvrez cinq conseils et astuces pour garantir l'obtention d'une interface utilisateur de rapport réactive et performante, même avec des ensembles de données volumineux.

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ActiveReportsJS is a reporting tool for web applications that allows developers and report authors to easily design and display reports within their applications. With a wide range of features, such as drill-down, runtime data filtering, and parameter-driven reports, as well as compatibility with popular frameworks, ActiveReportsJS simplifies the process of creating and managing reports.

In this blog post, MESCIUS Product Engineer Sergey Abakumoff demonstrates five performance tips that you can use when, for example, you need to bind a report to large volumes of data to display summary reports in a dashboard:

  • Retrieve Compressed Data
  • Retrieve only Required Information
  • Retrieve Data Parts Individually
  • Use Runtime Data Binding
  • Avoid Complex Expressions

A demo project is included to demonstrate each tip in action.

Read the full blog to learn these performance-boosting tips.

ActiveReportsJS is licensed on an annual subscription or perpetual basis and is available as a Single Deployment License for non-commercial use, and as a Single Domain License or Unlimited Domain License for commercial and/or SaaS use. See our ActiveReportsJS licensing page for full details.

For more information, visit our ActiveReportsJS product page.