Intégrez GenAI dans les applications Web, mobiles et de bureau

Mai 22, 2024
Les mises à jour de Telerik UI et Kendo UI 2024 Q2 comportent le nouveau composant AI Prompt, permettant aux développeurs d’intégrer facilement l’IA générative dans leurs applications.

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Progress Telerik is a leading software publisher that provides a range of tools and solutions to help developers build and deploy modern applications. Its product range include UI libraries, reporting tools and testing frameworks. Telerik products are used by millions of developers around the world to build a wide variety of applications.

The 2024 Q2 release completes the blending of AI with UI, thereby bridging the gap between an app and next-generation AI language model applications. The new "AIPrompt" component allows you to integrate artificial intelligence prompts into web, mobile and desktop applications, providing users with a modern interface to interact with AI services.

The following Telerik products have been updated with the AI Prompt component:

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