PDFlib Personalization Server (PPS) 9.2.0

Inclut l’opération de liaison pour un nouveau langage dans .NET Core.
Février 13, 2019 - 16:17
Nouvelle Version


  • New language binding for .NET Core.
  • Updates for most language bindings.
  • Clarifications of structure element nesting rules in anticipation of PDF 2.0.
  • PDF/UA-1 implementation aligned to latest recommendations and validators.
  • Improved import of Tagged PDF pages.
  • New options for modifying the color of raster images.
  • Improved color controls for non-sRGB colors in SVG.
  • PDF/X-4/5 convenience features for handling conflicts with identical CMYK profiles.
  • Identify several non-standard JPEG flavors.
  • Improved PDF/VT encapsulation of Form XObjects for better RIP performance.
  • Optimized subsetting of TrueType fonts significantly reduces output file size, especially for fonts with a large number of unused glyphs.
  • Identification of deprecated API functions at compile-time for C, C++, .NET, Java or at run-time for Perl and PHP.
  • Overhauled the coding samples for all language bindings.
  • Updated and extended the sample applications in the PDFlib Cookbook.
  • Reduced memory requirements for PDFlib Mini Edition (ME) for embedded systems.
PDFlib Personalization Server (PPS)

PDFlib Personalization Server (PPS)

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