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Prend en charge le contrôle de version intégré pour Git et Subversion.
Avril 21, 2020 - 9:41
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Built-in Version Control support for Git and Subversion

  • If you are using Git or Subversion (SVN) for version control, you can now make use of the built-in version control functions in PL/SQL Developer.
  • The version control status of a file (untracked, added, modified, unchanged, …) will be displayed in window status lines, in File Browser items, and in Project items.
  • Version control operations can be performed directly in a window by clicking on the version control status icon.
  • In the File Browser and in a Project you can right-click on an item to perform a version control operation.
  • For these file control operations PL/SQL Developer relies on a 3rd party shell extension that must be installed on your system. In the screenshots above “GIT Extensions” has been used.


  • A workset is a set of Program Windows, SQL Windows, Test Windows, Command Windows, Report Windows and Diagram Windows that you are working on. Changes made to these windows are preserved when closing and reopening PL/SQL Developer, even if you have not explicitly saved or compiled these changes. After finalizing your work you can apply the workset, so that changes to the files and database objects are permanently saved.
  • A workset holds the window contents, sizes and positions. When a workset is reopened later, windows will be restored exactly like they were previously used.
  • When using multiple worksets you can easily switch between them, or use the workset=<name> command-line parameter.
  • All workset-related functions are accessible from the Workset group on the File ribbon:

Internal difference viewer

  • Several PL/SQL Developer functions allow you to compare 2 texts and display the differences. These differences can now be viewed in an internal difference viewer, instead of relying on an external tool.
  • The new viewer allows you to ignore differences in case and white space as usual, but it can also ignore differences in comments.
  • For modified lines it will mark the exact differences within the lines.

Program Window enhancements

  • The Program Window now highlights transaction statements, so that you can visually recognize the code that affects a transaction. As soon as you place the cursor on a transaction statement, all related statements within a program unit will be highlighted.
  • Using the “Test” and “Describe” functions in the Code Contents of a Program Window now automatically selects the correct overloading.
  • A preference option has been added to prefix filename with owner when saving a database source.
  • Performance has been improved when fetching large database sources over a slow connection.

Debugger enhancements

  • A variable name and value can now be copied to the clipboard through the new “Copy variable” popup menu item.

Editor enhancements

  • A function key “Editor: Refresh Code Assistant” has been added, to bring the Code Assistant up to date after creating new database objects.
  • When selecting a word, all matching words will be highlighted.
  • Marked editor text is automatically copied to the search field of the Find function.

SQL Window enhancements

  • You can now display multiple result sets simultaneously and can compare them.
  • CLOBs and BLOBs are now fetched on demand to improve query performance.
  • Single record view will now show column comments if available.
  • The EXCEL and CSV export filenames can now include substitution variable values.
  • The EXCEL and CSV export filenames can now include %time%, %hh%, %mi% and %ss% variables.
  • For the “Export Results as SQL file” function you can now customize the initialization and finalization.
  • The WITH_PLSQL hint is now supported.

Command Window enhancements

  • New EXPORT TABLES and EXPORT OBJECTS commands have been added. This allows you to automate frequent export jobs. You can easily build the command-line from the interactive export tools.
  • The BEAUTIFY <file> command now supports wildcards.
  • The CONNECT command now shows the database list after typing @.
  • The WITH_PLSQL hint is now supported.

Object Browser enhancements

  • The Object Browser will now show all overloaded versions of functions and procedures.
  • You can now filter on multiple comma-separated object names (e.g. “dept%, emp%”).
  • You can now refresh materialized views from the popup menu.

File Browser enhancements

  • Git and Subversion support has been added.
  • File icons now indicate the PL/SQL Developer file type.
  • You can now filter files based on the name, size, date, read-only status, and version control status. You can specify the filter in the options dialog.
  • You also can enter the filter expression directly at the top of the File Browser.
  • All windows shell functions are now available from the popup menu.
  • You can now create a specific PL/SQL Developer file type from the “Create File” popup menu item.
  • You can now add multiple files to a project at once.

Project enhancements

  • Git and Subversion support has been added.
  • File icons now indicate the PL/SQL Developer file type.

Table Definition Editor enhancements

  • The Index and Partition storage can now be edited, copied, and pasted directly in the grid.
  • Support for Row Archival has been added.

Test Manager enhancements

  • You can now add multiple Test Script files at once.
  • You can now drag and drop Test Script files from the File Browser.
  • You can now enable or disable multiple items at once.

Connection List enhancements

  • Window icons now indicate the PL/SQL Developer window type.
  • Connection status icon moved to the left for consistency.

Session Window enhancements

  • You can now define Session Actions that can be performed from the popup menu of the session list.
  • Session Actions can display feedback by writing dbms_output.

Other enhancements

  • Function keys have been added for “Search Bar” functions (Focus, Search, Go to next, Go to previous).
  • Substitution variable checkbox and list values can now refer to other variable values as &variable.
  • An “Unregister License” function has been added.
Built-in version control support for Git and Subversion

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