RemObjects C# released

Native C# for iOS, Android, Mac, Java and .NET.
Avril 09, 2014 - 11:25
Communiqué de presse

RemObjects C# helps you use the C# programming language to create native apps for Java, Android, Mac and iOS. You can work directly with native APIs and frameworks and also use native UI widgets. As a result, your apps will be lean, fast and feel native to the end-user.


  • Access a full range of framework APIs, such as the .NET base classes, WPF, WinRT, System.XML and System.Data.
  • Full support for LINQ, ADO and the Parallel Framework.
  • Seamlessly run applications on both Windows (using .NET or Mono) and Mac OS X and Linux (using Mono) with the same executable.
  • Full access to the Objective-C-based frameworks that make up the development environment.
  • External open source and third party libraries, such as Data Abstract for Cocoa, are fully accessible.
  • The output generated by the RemObjects C# compiler is a fully native executable for the Objective-C runtime.
  • RemObjects C# projects can directly reference .jar files and have full access to the classes and types defined in them.

About RemObjects Software

RemObjects Software is a company that offers tools and libraries for software developers on a variety of platforms. The company concentrates on developing state-of-the-art solutions that form the foundation of your software applications including low-level libraries and tools that help developers define the architecture of their application.

Use RemObjects C# to create native apps.

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