RemObjects C#

RemObjects C# takes the C# programming language you already know and love and brings it to the worlds of Java, Android, Mac, iOS, watchOS and tvOS and even CPU-native Windows and Linux development.

RemObjects C# lets you target all platforms truly natively. Whether you are developing for iOS, the Mac, Android, Windows, Windows Phone, Apple Watch or Apple TV - you will be working directly with each platform's native APIs and frameworks, and using the platform's native UI widgets. No unnecessary abstractions, and no lowest-common-denominator UI. As a result, your apps will be lean, fast, and feel native to the end-user - because they are.

The Platforms

RemObjects C# lets you compile your...

Dernières nouvelles

RemObjects Elements
RemObjects Elements
October 15, 2019Nouvelle Version
Prend en charge Microsoft .NET Core 3.0, ASP.NET Core et Razor.
RemObjects C# v10.0
RemObjects C# v10.0
April 24, 2018Nouvelle Version
Nouvelle infrastructure « defined() » pour la compilation conditionnelle, plus plusieurs améliorations pour C#.
RemObjects C# released
RemObjects C# released
April 9, 2014Communiqué de presse
Native C# for iOS, Android, Mac, Java and .NET.

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