À propos de AimBetter

Plateforme SaaS de résolution de problèmes en temps réel, avec serveur complet et convivial.

AimBetter offers comprehensive RTPS: Real-Time Problems Solving, analysis, and diagnosis of databases, applications and web servers. Suited to the needs IT Managers looking to efficiently control and optimize their IT Systems with ease, it provides complete oversight of Database, Application, and Web servers' environments and offers actionable insights for troubleshooting critical services efficiently. AimBetter solutions significantly reduce IT troubleshooting time providing actionable insights for quick resolution of IT systems performance issues.

Key Features and Benefits of AimBetter:

Complete Visibility
AimBetter covers all layers of the servers' environment, including Hardware, Operating System, Resources (CPU, Memory, Disk, Network), Database Server (DB Data and Log growth, Backups, Queries), Web Server (Runtime, Status, Running parameters), Processes, Services, Permission violations, Exceptions, and Events (Software installations and updates). This comprehensive coverage allows IT Managers and their teams to get a holistic view of the system.

Actionable Insights
The platform automatically analyzes resource usage and provides improvement recommendations for all queries. It can quickly identify the source of performance issues, whether they stem from application code errors, non-optimal query plans, operating system issues, or hardware deficiencies. This helps in promptly addressing and resolving problems.

User-Friendly UI
AimBetter's unique user-friendly interface enables anyone to understand what is happening within the Database servers' environment from a single screen. This ease of use makes it accessible to both expert and non-expert stakeholders.

Cost and Time Savings
By shortening the time in troubleshooting critical services and distinguishing between different types of issues (IT, DevOps, and DBA), AimBetter can save significant time for the IT team and result in cost savings for the company.

Secure-by-Design Data Transmission
The data transmission in AimBetter is secure, one-way, and requires minimal permissions. This ensures that sensitive information is protected throughout the monitoring process.

Scalable Monitoring
With a light installation of a single agent, AimBetter can remotely monitor multiple servers. This scalability is helpful for organizations with an extensive infrastructure.

Add-On Monitoring Licenses
AimBetter offers the option to add Web, Application, and Terminal Server monitoring licenses on the same platform, allowing companies to extend their monitoring capabilities beyond just Database servers environments.

Flexible Subscription
Available as an annual subscription that can be easily modified, renewed or canceled. This flexibility allows companies to adjust their usage based on their needs.

Remote DBA Services
The subscription includes the support of an expert DBA team that can provide Remote DBA services. This additional support can be beneficial for companies that require specialized database expertise.

Supported Platforms:

  • Database Servers:
    • MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server).
    • Oracle.
  • Web Servers:
    • IIS (Microsoft Internet Information Services).
  • Operating Systems:
    • Microsoft Windows.
    • Linux.
  • Cloud Platforms:
    • Microsoft Azure.
    • Amazon RDS.