À propos de Altova Work in Process (WIP) XBRL add-in for Excel

Permet aux sous-traitants de créer des données XBRL WIP dans Excel.

Altova Work in Process (WIP) XBRL add-in for Excel lets you generate WIP reports in XBRL quickly and easily. The add-in makes it easy for contractors to submit WIP reports to sureties in a valid XBRL format – simply by entering the information into a spreadsheet in Excel.

Altova Work in Process (WIP) XBRL add-in for Excel Features

Build WIP XBRL reports directly in Excel

With a built-in toolbar ribbon and Document Actions pane, the add-in provides all the guidance you'll need to quickly build reports in Excel for submitting WIP XBRL reports to sureties and other stakeholders. After installing the plug-in once, your Excel installation will include a feature-rich WIP report template with preset rows and columns, as well as a helpful Document Actions entry-helper pane to guide you while entering your WIP report. Contractors can now easily build WIP XBRL reports directly in Excel, with helpful features including:

  • Clearly labeled Excel WIP report template.
  • Export XBRL button to generate WIP XBRL data.
  • Import XBRL button to import existing WIP XBRL data into Excel.
  • Document Actions pane to assist with data entry.
  • Report Properties entry-helper for viewing property descriptions.
  • Cell Documentation window displays useful information about cell contents.
  • Data validation with comprehensive messaging about errors and inconsistencies.

The add-in also enables easy re-use of WIP data: the information you put into the WIP XBRL template can come from existing spreadsheets via Excel formulas. Or, you can use this spreadsheet to replace your previous tracking spreadsheets, and you can simply update the information on a quarterly basis going forward.

Export or Import WIP XBRL

Once your report is complete in Excel, simply click the Export XBRL button, and the add-in will generate a valid WIP XBRL document for submission to sureties. No technical XBRL expertise is required to get your data into a valid XBRL format according to the WIP Taxonomy.

It's just as simple to import existing WIP XBRL reports into Excel for easy analysis. Click the Import XBRL button in the WIP ribbon and browse to select the XBRL instance file you wish to import. Once the data is in Excel, it's easy to view, understand, and/or re-use.


Once WIP data is in the standard XBRL format, it’s easy for sureties and underwriters to map it to an in-house database for storage and further analysis using MapForce, Altova’s graphical data mapping tool. Drag and drop to map fields visually, and add functions to filter, process, and calculate data. Once your MapForce data mapping project is created, it can be applied to any XBRL WIP document(s), either using MapForce directly or automated via MapForce Server.