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TSDEVRoumanie5 étoile

Totalsoft, using Aspose.Words, built a functionality for documents creation in Charisma ERP. These Word documents are easily exported into PDF format (using Aspose.Words) without losing information or... Lire la suite

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TSDEVRoumanie5 étoile

Totalsoft, using Aspose.Words, built a functionality for documents creation in Charisma ERP. These Word documents are easily exported into PDF format (using Aspose.Words) without losing information or scrambling the formatting. Aspose components are well documented, very easy to integrate in the target applications. Also, they deliver expected results, without major difficulties in use. All importing and exporting of Excel files are based on Aspose.Cells. Programmers found Aspose.Cells very easy to use and to integrate. Performance in working with a large volume of data was very good.

The large variety of products included in Aspose.Total (Aspose.ZIP, Aspose.Note, Aspose.BarCode, Aspose.Email) suite gave us other ideas about new features for our products. Also, Aspose.PDF will be used to implement paperless business flows in Charisma ERP and Charisma HCM. A new product is under development. It is microservices oriented and cloud ready. Aspose.PDF component will be used to support PDF files processing and PDF signature in the new product.

rfairclothPA, USA5 étoile

Cloudamize is based out of Philadelphia PA. We provide data driven analytics to companies that are at various stages of the Cloud Migration process. The number of industries that we touch is extremely varied, everything from insurance, to logistics, manufacturing and high tech. While the industries are diverse the common thread among them is that they all require in depth analysis deliverable in an easily portable way.  Most of these deliverables are available in PDF form. With ASPOSE.PDF we are able to provide an instant update to any deliverable document in a fillable PDF format to our customers. Our software can complete these documents from a standard data set in the exact format required by our customers, we can now provide results immediately to our customers in whatever method our customers prefer. Previously we would have spent hours/days designing and coding canned reports for each customer, having developers write a new in-built report in the software, we would spend hours/days to creating the format, and we were rarely able to get them close enough. Through constant iterations we would then have to deploy a new version/build of our agent software. Then we would have to conduct a QA cycle to ensure that the requirements had been fully met with our new deliverables.  The would then need to be signed off on by the client. This process often would take months from start to finish. We needed a solution that could provide efficiency in deployment and cost efficiency in development, to provide our customers with an almost instant and most importantly agile solution to their needs.

When we started to considered tools to solve our issues, we were looking for a tool that would provide a quick turnaround time in deployment, efficiency & cost savings. We considered a variety of tools to perform this task, All of them were over very difficult to use and overly complicated or, even worse, prices way out of line for the functionality they provided. When we informed about the ASPOSE.PDF tool at a local trade show and decided to give it a try and to say it is truly impressive would be a dramatic understatement! The products and components offered are some of the best in the business; not only was it appropriately priced for the basic functions we were looking for it also provided far more bells and whistles that we were able to find anywhere else. ASPOSE.PDF is truly the best solution in the space and a perfect match for all constantly changing customer requirements.

During our assessment of the tool I ran into a couple of questions about various features of the tool and decided to test out their customer service. I opened their live chat function and was instantly impressed with the speed and accuracy of the data that was provided. I had to provide a report at the end of our assessment and after management got a chance to see the functionality of the tool the approval to purchase was almost instantaneous.