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Astah SysML is a general-purpose graphical modeling language for specifying, analyzing, designing, and verifying complex systems that may include hardware, software, information, personnel, procedures and facilities. It helps engineer large, complex systems more safely. Every engineering specialty, from mechanical to electronic to software engineering have a common language to design safe, complex systems architectures. Astah SysML is a modeling tool that enables you to draw SysML diagrams swiftly with refined and intuitive interface design.

Astah SysML Overview

Astah SysML.Astah brought decades of experience and customer feedback to bear to create the most intuitive and powerful SysML system available, while focusing on three goals, simplicity, MindMapping integration, and broad cross-platform accessibility.

  • Simplicity - We kept Astah SysML simple;it only contains diagrams defined as SysML by the OMG.
  • Mindmapping - We integrated Mindmapping with SysML to make it easier to gather and discuss ideas. These Mindmaps can later be easily...

Dernières nouvelles

Astah SysML v8.0
Astah SysML v8.0
December 1, 2022Nouvelle Version
Ajoute un nouveau menu "Update Diagram" pour ajuster les dimensions et la mise en page de l'objet sur le diagramme.
Astah SysML v1.5
Astah SysML v1.5
March 14, 2020Nouvelle Version
Ajoute un nouveau menu "Update Diagram" pour ajuster les dimensions et la mise en page de l'objet sur le diagramme.
Astah SysML V1.4
Astah SysML V1.4
November 21, 2016Nouvelle Version
Inclut la prise en charge du mode plein écran sur le Mac et les écrans haute résolution.
Astah SysML updated
Astah SysML updated
April 29, 2014Version du correctif
Astah SysML launched
Astah SysML launched
July 10, 2013Communiqué de presse
Easily create SysML diagrams.

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Very very good UML tool, extremely stable & provides all the necessary features while avoiding the unnecessary bells & whistles of other products.

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