À propos de BestReactGrid

Vitesse et évolutivité illimitées du réseau.

BestReactGrid is an enterprise-grade solution for React UI that delivers 100+ advanced data grid features. BestReactGrid is built on cutting-edge architecture that brings ease of use and optimal performance. Mission critical applications rely on the performance of their data grid components. With simple integration and custom layouts, BestReactGrid offers unparalleled performance to enterprise apps.

BestReactGrid for React JavaScript and TypeScript applications.

High Performing Robust Grid For Your Most Data-Intensive Inputs.

  • Ability to handle millions of records with ease.
  • Monolithic feature set of filtering, grouping, infinite scrolling, virtual columns, and so much more.
  • Full customization control of styling, theming and logical.
  • Pre-tested across a wide range of platforms and browsers.
  • Easy React UI component integration.
  • Full TypeScript data types support.
  • Navigate with your keyboard.
  • This Data grid leaves a small footprint.

Enterprise Edition adds the following features:

  • Multi-Column Filter.
  • Multi-Column Sort.
  • Remote Sorting.
  • Remote Filtering.
  • Tree Grid.
  • Row Virtualization.
  • Column filter.
  • Column virtualisation.
  • Column menu.
  • Row/cell selection - range handle.
  • Row grouping.
  • Row nesting.
  • Clipboard (selecting grid’s text).