À propos de Chant GrammarKit

Concevez vos propres grammaires pour améliorer les performances de reconnaissance.

Chant GrammarKit handles the complexities of generating, compiling, and persisting the compiled grammar binary. It simplifies the process of managing grammars declared with Microsoft SAPI 5 XML Grammar and W3C SRGS XML grammar syntax to use with your favorite speech recognizer. GrammarKit includes C++, C++Builder, Delphi, Java, and .NET Framework class libraries to support all your programming languages and provides sample projects for popular IDEs - such as the latest Visual Studio from Microsoft and RAD Studio from Embarcadero and Java IDEs Eclipse, IntelliJ, JDeveloper and NetBeans. The class libraries can be integrated with 32-bit and 64-bit applications.

Chant GrammarKit Features

With GrammarKit you can:

  • Compile and validate grammar syntax
  • Persist compiled grammar binary

Chant GrammarKit handles the complexities of compiling and persisting grammars. This allows you to distribute compiled grammar binary files with your application, compile grammars as part of your deployed application, and optimize grammar enablement at runtime by using compiled binary files. Recognizers have their own syntax for expressing grammars. GrammarKit supports the following recognizers and their grammar syntax:

  • Microsoft SAPI 5 - SAPI 5 XML Grammar and W3C SRGS XML
  • Microsoft Speech Platform - W3C SRGS XML
  • Microsoft .NET System.Speech - W3C SRGS XML
  • Microsoft .NET Microsoft.Speech - W3C SRGS XML
  • Microsoft Windows Media (UWP and WinRT) - W3C SRGS XML

Within Chant Developer Workbench, you can:

  • Create and edit grammars in native grammar syntax
  • Generate word pronunciation phonemes (requires LexiconKit)
  • Edit word pronunciation phonemes (requires LexiconKit)
  • Compile and debug grammars
  • Test grammars with live audio (requires SpeechKit)