About ComponentOne Chart

Create and customize virtually any type of chart.

ComponentOne Chart provides hundreds of properties and methods to create an unlimited variety of charts with variations of color, style annotations, and perspectives, including: Bar, Pie, Area, Line, Polar, Ribbon, Bubble, 3D Scatter, and many more. ComponentOne Chart supports data binding to any data source, allows you to use bitmap or metafiles as background images, and even supports exporting the charts in JPG and PNG formats. ComponentOne Chart ActiveX is 64-bit compatible.

ComponentOne Chart (formerly Olectra Chart) is a charting tool to easily create, high-performance 2D and 3D charts and graphs. Now with 2D and 3D Unicode controls for National Language Support. ComponentOne Chart ActiveX offers now 64bit (x64) support

Optimized for performance, ComponentOne Chart is fast enough for real time scrolling strip charts like scientific and financial charts. With new code-free Data Binding, charts created with Olectra Chart can easily be bound to any data source to create dynamic data-driven charts. With demos and sample code and 64 bit support, ComponentOne Chart helps developers to get started quickly and easily and also includes full printed and online documentation.

Add ActiveX to your Web Pages, display charts on your Web pages quickly and easily with ComponentOne Chart. Chart specifications and data can be loaded from any URL for easy modification and updating. Users can interact with charts displayed on Web pages and can customize chart properties using ComponentOne Chart's built-in property pages.