DevExpress Blazor 19.1.10

Released: Dec 6, 2019

Mises à jour de Blazor Components


  • .NET Core 3.1 Support
  • New CheckBox Component - The new Blazor CheckBox component supports checked, unchecked and indeterminate states. Its features include:
    • Bind to Boolean, Nullable Boolean, Enum, Int16
    • Bind to Custom Data Types
    • Disabled State
    • Switch Mode
    • Custom Appearance
  • Data Grid Enhancements
    • HTML Decoration - with this update, you can handle the HtmlRowDecoration and HtmlDataCellDecoration events to higlight rows and cell values for maximum data clarity.
    • The RowClick event allows you to handle row clicks.
    • Ability to clear a column's sort order via CTRL + Click.
  • TreeView Enhancements
    • With this update, you can create a tree on demand. Child nodes are dynamically created and initialized when their parent node is expanded.
  • Data Editors Enhancements
    • DateEdit - Null Value Support
    • Added the Clear Button to our Blazor TextBox, SpinEdit, DateEdit and Combobox