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DevExpress WinForms includes 190+ components and UI libraries, it has everything you'll need to create high-impact business solutions for the Windows Forms platform. It comes with a suite of Office-inspired user interface components, dozens of high-performance user interface components for next-gen decision support systems and components that help you deliver solutions that are fully optimized for the desktop, high-DPI monitors, and touch-first Windows devices.

We view DevExpress as more than just a component vendor. They are an integral part of our business. Our application would not be where it is today without DevExpress. Simply the best components and support in the industry!

Pete Meyer, DevExpress User

DevExpress WinForms Features

  • Grids, Spreadsheets, Ribbons, and more - The DevExpress WinForms Subscription ships with a comprehensive suite of award-winning Microsoft Office-inspired user interface components. From the fast WinForms Data Grid and Pivot Grid to the Excel-inspired Spreadsheet and Word-inspired Rich Text Editor for Windows Forms, the DevExpress WinForms subscription has everything you'll need to create apps that meet and exceed end-user expectations.
    • Data Grid
    • Spreadsheet
    • Vertical...

Dernières nouvelles

DevExpress WinForms 23.1.5
DevExpress WinForms 23.1.5
Améliore les composants "Editors" et "Charts", ainsi que la visionneuse PDF.
DevExpress WinForms 23.1.4
DevExpress WinForms 23.1.4
Améliore les composants "PDF Viewer", "PivotGrid" et "RichEdit".
DevExpress WinForms 23.1
DevExpress WinForms 23.1
Le contrôle "Gantt" comporte une nouvelle chronologie intégrée, et le contrôle "Ribbon" comporte un nouveau style de rendu Office 365.
DevExpress WinForms 22.2.6
DevExpress WinForms 22.2.6
Améliore les composants "PDF Viewer", "XtraBars" et "XtraCharts".
DevExpress WinForms 22.2.5
DevExpress WinForms 22.2.5
Améliore les contrôles "PDF Viewer", "Grid" et "RichEdit".
DevExpress WinForms 22.2.4
DevExpress WinForms 22.2.4
Améliore les composants "PDF Viewer", "Charts" et "RichEdit".

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One software license is required per developer. You may install the product on more than one machine as long as each developer has their own license. This allows you to install it on your work, home...

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Supported Frameworks
  • .NET 6/.NET 7
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2+

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juan osuna gutierrez Espagne5 étoile

Aún no he exprimido los controles pero lo que he preparado me encanta.

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Anonyme3 étoile
I was initially flabbergasted at the massive quantity of controls included in the package and was very excited to begin using them in my Windows Forms and ASP.NET projects. However, once I had made my... Lire la suite