À propos de DlhSoft Gantt Chart Web Library for ASP.NET Basic Edition

Ajoutez des diagrammes de Gantt interactifs à vos applications de ASP.NET/HTML5.

Add interactive Gantt charts to your ASP.NET applications targeting HTML5 browsers providing: interactive task hierarchy management and resource scheduling with task bars and dependency lines supporting drag and drop operations; working time, scales, and zoom level customization; project baseline visualization, critical path enumeration; resource leveling algorithm; rich user experience, customizable appearance, culture awareness; Modern UI and Aero theme support; printing and exporting support; two-way Microsoft Project XML compatibility; automatic postback handling, and server side item property change notifications.

Dlhsoft Gantt Chart Web Library for ASP .NET contains task hierarchy and resource scheduling controls, providing both basic and advanced features, and being optimized both for developers and end users.

Design Time Features of the Controls (for developers)

  • Provide interactive Gantt Chart based user interface objects for viewing and editing project task hierarchies and resource schedules
  • Use HTML5 inline SVG features, available in all modern browsers
  • Provide automatic post back handling on the server, optionally notifying the Web application on individual data changes received from the client side
  • Allow initializing task indentation, content, start and finish date and times, completion, assignments strings, predecessors, and expansion values, and resource content values, programatically
  • Use customized Gantt Chart scale headers, such as one or more of the predefined time scales (hours, days, weeks, months, quarters, years) or other user defined time scales, using the Scales property
  • Show or hide part of week days and/or part of day time in the Gantt Chart, using the Visible{Week|Day}{Start|Finish} properties
  • Set up a custom schedule defining the working time to be used for determining and updating task date and times and time spans using the WorkingWeek{Start|Finish} properties
  • Visualize actual and baseline (estimated) task timing values for comparison in the same view
  • Customize task and assignment bars, dependency lines, and the general control user interface by using custom color settings or CSS classes
  • Allow printing images representing the Gantt Chart using the browser features by having the control presented in a container with a large width and unlimited (unset) height
  • Ability to present large collections of items on the client side, using virtualization features enabled by default
  • Client side extensibility is available using an easy to use JavaScript API with reference documentation

Runtime Features of the Controls (for end users)

  • Ability to expand and close tasks, and/or update existing task values either from the data grid or from the Gantt Chart using drag and drop operations
  • Wherever supported by the underlying HTML based component, the server side culture (language and region) set by the server administrator (using the Regional and Language Options) is used by default for displaying and retrieving values such as dates and times
  • The standard Metro theme is used to present the user interface by default, but developers can customize the settings based on customer requirements (Aero theme is also supported as a built-in settings collection)

DlhSoft Gantt Chart Web Library Standard Edition

  • Gantt Chart
  • Schedule Chart
  • Load Chart
  • Network Diagram

DlhSoft Gantt Chart Web Library Basic Edition

  • Gantt Chart
  • Schedule Chart

DlhSoft Gantt Chart Web Library Mini Edition

  • Gantt Chart