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DlhSoft Hierarchical Data Library for WPF

Add tree-lists to your Windows Forms applications providing: tree-view behavior for ListView inheriting control; data binding with high customizability; rich user experience, customizable appearance, culture and theme awareness; extended Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern support (Prism).

Free Upgrades
You are entitled to obtain a free upgrade to Hierarchical Data Library 4.0 for WPF 4 preserving the license type if you have a license for Hierarchical Data Library 3.1 for WPF 3.5 – please call us toll free or email us to request it.

DlhSoft Hierarchical Data Library for WPF Design Time Features (for developers)

  • Integrate with Visual Studio development environment; reference documentation is available in Visual Studio style; supports all .NET languages, including but not limited...

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WPF Hierarchical Data Library released
WPF Hierarchical Data Library released
DlhSoft Hierarchical Data Library for WPF contains tree-grid controls and related classes with data binding support.

Prix à partir de : $ 175.08

Personal License: Single user, Up to 2 computers, Run-time royalty free, Small Business License: Up to 5 users, Up to 10 computers, Run-time royalty free, Business License: Unlimited users, Unlimited...

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