dotConnect for Oracle

dotConnect for Oracle is a high-performance ORM enabled data provider for Oracle that builds on ADO.NET technology to present a complete solution for developing Oracle-based database applications. It introduces new approaches for designing application architecture, boosts productivity, and facilitates the development of database applications.

Really like your product, by the way. I had previously used the EFOracleProvider example provided by MS, and actually got that working in our system, but was it ever slow!! Installing dotConnect for Oracle was easy, and the speed improvement was obvious

Robin Warren, Ibis Biosciences

dotConnect for Oracle Features

  • Advanced Visual Studio Integration - dotConnect for Oracle provides a vast number of GUI tools that increase your productivity. For example, it includes DataSet tools, such as DataSet Wizard, DataSet Editor, DataSet Manager, provide you an easy way to create and edit typed and untyped DataSets. Oracle ADO.NET Provider supports advanced Visual Studio integration (DDEX), and provides convenient visual component editors to simplify component tweaking.
  • Broad...

Dernières nouvelles

Intégrez les données dans vos applications .NET 8
Intégrez les données dans vos applications .NET 8
January 24, 2024Product Update
Les fournisseurs de données Devart dotConnect ADO.NET permettent aux développeurs .NET 8 d’intégrer sans effort des informations provenant de sources diverses.
Connectez des applications .NET à Oracle Database 23c
Connectez des applications .NET à Oracle Database 23c
November 24, 2023Product Update
dotConnect for Oracle de Devart facilite l’intégration de votre application à la dernière itération d’Oracle Database.
dotConnect for Oracle V10.1.134
dotConnect for Oracle V10.1.134
March 7, 2023Nouvelle Version
Prend en charge .NET 7 et Visual Studio 2022 (version 17.5 Preview).
dotConnect for Oracle V10.0.0
dotConnect for Oracle V10.0.0
July 4, 2022Nouvelle Version
Prend en charge la compatibilité .NET 6 et Windows 11.
dotConnect for Oracle V9.16.1434
dotConnect for Oracle V9.16.1434
January 28, 2022Nouvelle Version
Prend en charge Microsoft .NET 6.0.
dotConnect for Oracle V9.15.1410
dotConnect for Oracle V9.15.1410
January 5, 2022Nouvelle Version
Améliore le convertisseur de type OracleTimeStamp pour optimiser les conversions vers/depuis "DateTime" et "DateTimeOffset".

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Single Developer License: install and use the Software on one or more computers, provided it is used by 1 (one) developer for the sole purposes of developing, testing, and deploying applications in...

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IDE Compatibility
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2022
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

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