Fonctionnalités de Spread COM

Features of Spread COM

FarPoint Spread 8 COM General Features:

  • Create a spreadsheet with up to 2 billion rows by 2 billion columns
  • Drag and drop data anywhere in the spreadsheet control
  • Use the clipboard copy/cut/paste shortcut keys
  • Prevent editing of data by locking any cell data
  • Create headers by allowing cell data to overflow into adjacent cells
  • Freeze the top-most rows or the left-most columns from scrolling to allow certain data to be viewed at all times
  • Import and export spreadsheet files in Microsoft Excel BIFF8 format
  • Use the Operation modes to set Spread to read-only or let it act as a single or multi-selection listbox
  • Use the 33 Action properties to perform tasks, including saving and printing the spreadsheet
  • Cell Formatting
  • Display up to 32K of data in each cell
  • Customize your interface by changing the font and background and foreground colors of any cell
  • Highlight any cell or block of cells using six border styles
  • Provide the most popular data and database formats using 12 cell types
  • Button: Display a push button in a cell, Include text, graphics, or both
  • Checkbox: Display a check box, text, and/or picture in a cell, Allow true, false, or grayed states
  • Combobox: Display a drop-down list in a cell
  • Date: Display or allow editing of formatted dates in a cell
  • Support Year 2000 seamlessly
  • Edit: Display or allow editing of text in a cell
  • Float: Display or allow editing of a formatted floating-point (currency) value in a cell
  • Formatted PIC: Display or allow editing of a formatted PIC (mask) in a cell
  • Integer: Display or allow editing of an integer value in a cell
  • Owner Drawn: Display a user-defined picture using Windows APIs
  • Picture: Display a picture in a cell, Choose between .bmp or .ico file formats
  • Static Text: Display noneditable, nonscrolling text in a cell
  • Time: Display or allow editing of a formatted time value in a cell

FarPoint Spread 8 COM Printing

  • Create custom print configurations by specifying margins, page orientation, borders, headers, gridlines, colors, and shadow effects
  • Print a block of cells, a range of pages, or only the columns and rows that contain data
  • Use the new Print Preview control to see how your printed spreadsheet will look
  • Calculate the number of pages to print based on the current print settings
  • Query the next page break either by row or column
  • Define the starting page number to print in the header of the first page
  • Specify the order in which pages are printed (down then across or across then down)

FarPoint Spread 8 COM Sorting and Calculations

  • Use up to three keys to sort data by column or row, in ascending or descending order
  • Use the Calc Engine to perform complex mathematical functions with named expressions and relative cell addressing
  • Add user-defined custom functions for greater flexibility
  • Use one of 74 functions (includes 61 new ones) in your formulas
  • Sort with up to 256 sort keys
  • Recalculate the value of an individual cell
  • Retrieve and set data in float or integer cells as numeric values
  • Query the list of, retrieve information about, or remove custom functions

FarPoint Spread 8 COM Data Binding

  • Automatically save any user-entry changes back to the database
  • Increase control by validating when and what data gets written to the database
  • Insert unbound columns or load specified fields into a bound spreadsheet
  • Increase data access speed by using the Virtual Data Manager to control how many records are read and displayed at a time
  • Bind the spreadsheet to ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) 2.0 using OLE DB technology [still supports data binding to Data Access Objects (DAO) and Remote Data Objects (RDO)]

FarPoint Spread's Spread Designer

  • Increase productivity and decrease your learning curve by using its unique WYSIWYG interface
  • Open and design multiple spreadsheets
  • Apply any view from Spread Designer back to the original control
  • Use the user-friendly design-time interface that includes dockable toolbars and help balloons

The Excel 2007 methods require the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework, must be registered with regasm.exe using the /codebase option, and must ensure that the Spread 8 module is in the same folder as the corresponding Excel2007 dll or can be found in the system path.