À propos de Total Access Statistics

Effectuez facilement une grande variété de calculs sur vos programmes Access.

Designed specifically for Access, Total Access Statistics runs as an Access add-in (from the Tools menu), and offers a wide range of statistical functions to analyze your data. Your data can be in Access tables or linked from other sources such as SQL Server. Analyze multiple fields and an unlimited number of records at one time. You can even analyze data from multi-table select queries.

Easily perform a wide variety of calculations including regressions, percentiles, frequency distributions, correlations, t-tests, confidence intervals, crosstabs, ANOVA, group analysis, non-parametrics, Chi-Square, probability, and much more. An interactive Wizard interface guides you through the process with no programming required! All results are generated in the most flexible format: Access tables. Easily display the results in your forms and reports. Your analysis settings are automatically saved so you can modify them later or run them again when your data changes.

General Features

  • Runs from Microsoft's Access Tools, Add-in menu
  • Analyze data from any Microsoft Access table or linked table
  • Analyze data from any select queries including multi-table select queries
  • Analyze an unlimited number of records and multiple fields at one time
  • Output results to Microsoft Access tables
  • Interactive Wizard interface requires no programming
  • Analysis selections are automatically saved as scenarios which can be run again or edited in the future
  • Optionally specify fields to group sets of records
  • Optionally weight records based on the value in a field
  • Optionally ignore a numeric value or range of values
  • All calculations in double-precision
  • Single user and network compatible
  • Programmatic interface to add statistical analysis to your applications
  • Royalty-free runtime license