À propos de Infragistics Ignite UI

Créez rapidement des applications Web performantes et ultra-rapides.

Infragistics Ignite UI helps you build data-rich, responsive Web apps faster. It is a complete library of Enterprise-grade JavaScript UI components including native libraries for Angular, ASP.NET (Core and MVC), Blazor, React, Web Components and more.

Infragistics Ignite UI Features

  • Everything you need to build high-performance Web apps - Jumpstart your next project with a complete library of enterprise-grade JavaScript UI components, supporting your favorite frameworks.
  • UI components for everything - 100+ high-performance charts, grids and JavaScript UI components for frameworks including Angular, ASP.NET (Core & MVC), Blazor, React and Web Components. And with responsive design built into the charts and grids - they are optimized with many layout options.
  • Quick to get started and easy-to-use - The advanced Command Line Interface (CLI) tools simplify the use of component libraries with multiple dependencies. While the WYSIWYG Page Designer allows you to drag-n-drop your way to a modern Web experience - leveraging the JavaScript UI components, data connectors, layout and theme support to design, and code your next app.
  • Creating apps that always look good - Don’t worry about how your app looks in Chrome vs. Safari vs. IE vs. Edge vs. Firefox - Ignite UI supports modern browsers, with compatibility for the old ones. And with built-in themes, support for custom themes, Bootstrap theme support, Theme Roller support, and on-the-fly Bootstrap to Theme Roller conversion - your apps will look good no matter what framework you choose.
  • Simplified data management - Data management can be tricky, but using the DataSource component you can keep track of all your data sources and provide easy binding to your UI. Binding to JSON, HTML, OData, XML, or all of them. And the Spreadsheet component enables users to work with advanced data, exporting and importing data to and from Microsoft Excel, while supporting all formulas, structural features, workbooks, and worksheets.
  • Typescript - It is hard to be productive when you need to be an expert in multiple JavaScript libraries. he libraries are augmented with Typescript for strong typing, class-based inheritance that makes development a lot less error-prone and easier to manage.

Products Included

  • Angular
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Blazor
  • React
  • Web Components