Mockplus Cloud

Générez automatiquement des spécifications et des ressources, et créez des prototypes interactifs et animés.

Publié par Mockplus
Distribué par ComponentSource depuis 2017

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Mockplus Cloud is the new name for Mockplus iDoc.

À propos de Mockplus Cloud

Générez automatiquement des spécifications et des ressources, et créez des prototypes interactifs et animés.

Mockplus Cloud helps you connect your entire product design workflow and make design collaboration easier. It lets you export designs from Sketch, Adobe XD and Adobe Photoshop, handoff designs with accurate specs, assets, code snippets. get notified about comments and feedback, keep your design up to date and collect and organize style guides automatically to build your team’s design repository.

Mockplus Cloud Features

Smooth project management

  • Connect and show relations between each page using full-view storyboard.
  • Add comments in the context of your design, gather instant feedback, and move projects forward.
  • Categorize tasks by color and resolve them when you're done to keep things organized.
  • Build hi-fi interactive prototypes using your real design files, bake-in various animation effects.
  • Upload various types of product documents and preview them online.

Make developers work more efficient

  • Easy to access and review specs.
  • Generate development resources automatically, download only selected or all assets.
  • Select the platform you’re developing for, and Mockplus Cloud will generate tailored resources for this platform.
  • See duplicated design elements in just one click.
  • Get ready-to-use code snippets, so nothing gets lost in translation.

Strengthen your team relationships

  • Have the entire design process in a single place, get the ultimate collaboration tool for design to development.
  • Keep designers, product managers and developers working collaboratively.
  • Group and manage teams and projects, set different roles and assign different permissions to members.

Team management

  • Member invitation
  • Roles and permissions
  • Group management
  • Team settings
  • Member management
  • Team membership approval
  • Search members
  • Invite members by email

Project management

  • Project groups
  • Project folders
  • Archive project folders
  • Nest project folders
  • Manage project members
  • Favorite projects
  • Archive projects
  • Clone projects
  • Set project covers
  • Project description
  • Search projects
  • Move projects across teams
  • Transfer the ownership of projects and project folders
  • Move projects or project folders in batch
  • Delete projects or project folders in batch
  • Archive projects or project folders in batch
  • Batch edit the permission of projects and project folders
  • Add an entire group as project members
  • Sort projects with drag-and-drop
  • Private share/Public share
  • Share one design section only
  • Embed Mockplus files into Lark docs

Page management

  • Upload and edit designs
  • Project tree
  • Group pages
  • Global search
  • Page Recycle Bin
  • Page revision histories
  • Page comparison
  • Package and download pages
  • Sort pages by name
  • Page change notifications

Revision history management

  • Page revision history
  • Prototype revision history
  • Document revision histories
  • Version comparison
  • Restore document revisions
  • Delete revision histories

Product documents

  • Write PRD online
  • Upload local PRDs (PDF and Word supported)
  • Comment PRD online
  • Reference documents and prototypes
  • Review and comment
  • PRD revision history
  • Auto save document content
  • Auto generate the Table of Contents for documents
  • Auto generate page thumbnails
  • Create a reference anchor
  • Export PRDs
  • Zoom in/out of online documents
  • Document Recycle Bin
  • Print or export PRDs

Flexible workflow

  • Comment/Review/Development mode
  • Project activity notifications
  • Page activity notifications
  • Comment related notification
  • Task tag
  • Progress/Status tag

Design task management

  • Link projects and tasks together
  • Link a task to one or more Axure/Mockplus pages
  • Link a task to one or more PS/Sketch/XD/Figma designs
  • Link a task to one or more RP pages
  • Comment on a task
  • Reassign a task
  • Change task statuses
  • Create custom task processes and statuses
  • Share linked task pages only
  • Move tasks in batch
  • Delete tasks in batch
  • Batch edit the status of tasks
  • Reassign tasks in batch
  • Batch edit the linked projects of tasks
  • Batch edit the due date of tasks
  • Add images when commenting tasks

Full-view storyboard

  • Workflow and logic line
  • Logic line description
  • Storyboard navigation map
  • Full-screen review
  • Focusing view
  • State page
  • Rearrange pages
  • Customize background colors
  • Customize the colors of logic lines
  • Hand tool
  • Move/Copy pages across projects
  • Add sticky notes
  • Add flowcharts

Smart specs

  • View separate specs
  • View multiple specs
  • View percentage specs
  • Spec revision history management
  • Find duplicate elements in one click
  • Magnifier
  • Color Picker tool
  • Auto-Generate code snippets
  • Fit to different devices automatically
  • Custom width
  • Custom device frame
  • Custom spec decimals
  • Check text/layer style name
  • Layer panel

Manual markup

  • Text markups
  • Annotate designs
  • Spacing markups
  • Coordinate markups
  • Color markups
  • Region markups
  • Refer to documents
  • Refer to links
  • Refer to resources

Cut assets automatically

  • SVG assets
  • PNG assets
  • JPG assets
  • WebP assets
  • Asset ratio
  • Download selected assets
  • Download all assets
  • Auto fit to different platforms
  • Compress assets
  • Mark layers
  • Download layer data
  • Rename assets
  • Overwrite the file with the same name after downloading assets
  • Download Android assets in "mipmap" or "drawable" folders

Various Comment tools

  • Pin comment tool
  • Rectangle comment tool
  • Circle comment tool
  • Arrow comment tool
  • Line comment tool
  • Manage comment statuses
  • Manage comment lists
  • Manage comment revision histories
  • At mention members in comments
  • Refer to documents in comments
  • Filter comments of different members

Interactive prototypes

  • Create interactions with drag-and-drop
  • Set as backlink or homepage
  • Link to an external video
  • Set auto jumping
  • Set scrollable area
  • Gesture interaction
  • Preview and animation
  • Various device frames
  • Recognize device types of Axure files when previewing
  • Navigation toolbar
  • Show/hide link area
  • Share prototype in one click
  • Download offline demo packages
  • Preview from homepage/current page
  • Password protect preview link
  • Search for pages when previewing
  • View Project Tree in Preview mode
  • Preview on mobile devices
  • Preview on Lark
  • Quick presentation mode

Prototype projects

  • Import and preview Axure prototypes
  • Online preview prototypes
  • Online comment on prototypes
  • Manage comment statuses
  • Back up source files automatically

Project resources

  • Manage document resources by groups
  • Manage link resources
  • Preview demo packages of Axure prototypes online
  • Preview demo packages of Justinmind prototypes online
  • Preview demo packages of Mockplus Classic prototypes online
  • Preview demo packages of Confluence online
  • Preview Office documents online
  • Preview image resources online
  • Preview text resources online

Design System

  • Auto generate color style guides
  • Auto generate font style guides
  • Classify and manage style guides
  • Sync and apply style guides
  • Export style codes in one click
  • Add and reuse Sketch design assets
  • Auto count Sketch Symbol usage
  • CSS variable name of colors/texts
  • Edit design assets on browser/Windows OS
  • Link design systems and projects together


  • Sketch plugin
  • PS plugin
  • Adobe XD plugin
  • Figma plugin
  • Axure plugin


  • Team activities
  • Project activities
  • Filter activities