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MSI Factory makes the task of creating professional installers faster, easier and hassle-free. MSI Factory includes advanced installer capabilities plus the next generation power of WiX, an intelligent development environment, a revolutionary fully scriptable .EXE bootstrap wrapper. MSI Factory is easy to use, you aren't forced to deal with the complexity of MSI database tables, sequences and components, simply drop in the application files, customize a few dialog boxes using the visual dialog editor and then click build. MSI Factory creates a single installer that works on any version of Windows from 95 to Windows 7.

MSI Factory incorporates a rich feature set to assist developers with the complex productivity challenges associated with developing MSI installer packages. Some features include:

  • Industry Standard - Creates 100% pure Windows Installer packages (.MSI) with optional fully scriptable single-file setup.exe bootstrap wrapper.
  • Next Generation- The only visual setup builder to fully leverage WiX 3.0 (Windows Installer XML) compiler technology for creating MSI installers in a faster and more intuitive...

Dernières nouvelles

MSI Factory V2.2.1000.0
MSI Factory V2.2.1000.0
Inclut la prise en charge des conditions de lancement pour le système d'exploitation Windows.
MSI Factory V2.1.1020.0 released
MSI Factory V2.1.1020.0 released
Updated the WiX distribution to version 3.5.2519.0
MSI Factory updated
MSI Factory updated

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One software license is required per machine. Includes 6 Months Maintenance Plan including all major and minor updates. Run-time royalty free. Maintenance Plan Renewal available for customers with a...

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  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 98
  • Windows NT 4.0
  • Windows 95

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Gary Australia5 étoile
I use this with VS2012 to install services and install DLL's to the GAC .. amongst other things. I tried the expesnive installers - they are so complicated. MSI factory literally had my service... Lire la suite

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