Lancements de RayPack Studio

Released: Dec 6, 2021

Mises à jour de 7.1


  • RayPack
    • Advanced View for PackWrapper (PSADT) Projects - Microsoft PowerShell content of each PSADT project can be now edited directly.
      • RayPack keeps track of changes from the UI and updates the script as the changes are made (WYSIWYG).
      • The same happens in the reverse direction: adjusting the script manually is immediately reflected in the UI visuals.
      • With this change, the working environment of PackWrapper (PSADT) projects became similar to the MSI counterpart, where the editors...

Released: Jun 24, 2021

Mises à jour de 7.0


  • RayPack
    • Support for Microsoft Windows 10 21H1 - Full support for the latest Windows 10 update, Windows 10 21H1 (May 2021 Update -10.0.19043.0), has now been added to RayPack Studio. It is now available for selection when defining the target operating system for MSIX dependencies and minimum versions.
    • Native editor for PSADT deployment packages with publishing to Microsoft Intune - A new editor has been added which can be used for the creation of PSADT (.ps1) deployment packages...

Released: Dec 9, 2020

Mises à jour de 6.5


  • Create and automatically publish Microsoft Intune packages - RayPack Studio now not only enables conversion and packaging in Intune format, but also provides an integrated deployment wizard for storing software packages directly in Intune.
  • Integration of digital signing with the new Microsoft Device Guard Signing Service (DGSS) - Software packages can now be digitally signed. The software packages receive a certificate so that they can be installed without restrictions.
  • Clear...

Released: Jun 4, 2020

Mises à jour de 6.3


  • Support for the latest MSIX features including services, scripts and fix-ups
    • Added support for new fixup (DynamicLibraryFixup.dll).
    • PowerShell scripts are now supported and can be configured to run before the package starts, or after it finishes.
    • Services are now supported. Starting from Microsoft Windows 10 May 2020 Update, it is possible to create packages containing packaged services.
  • Build VHD for MSIX app attach - Added the ability to build directly to an expanded VHD image...

Released: Dec 5, 2019

Mises à jour de 6.2


  • RayPack Studio as a MSIX and in the Microsoft Store
    • Starting with this new version, RayPack Studio is available simultaneously as a classic Windows Installer (MSI) and as a modern MSIX format.
    • RayPack Studio is now capable of generating MSIX packages and is also available in MSIX format. Users can easily choose any deployment format that meets their needs.
    • Introduces RayPack, RayEval and RayQC as Microsoft Store products.
  • RayPack Studio supports MSIX Core
    • MSIX Core enables the...

Released: May 27, 2019

Mises à jour de 6.1


  • Latest support for MSIX and Windows 10.
  • Full integration & creation of packages from
  • Virtual Packaging Factory on ESXi and Hyper-V.
  • Extended support for App-V conversion.
  • Image processing with RayEval.
  • New documentation mode in RayEval.
  • Extended list of supported Windows 10 versions in RayQC.
  • RayFlow 6.0 updates
    • Improved User Interface.
    • Improved intelligent wizards.
    • Integration of Power BI.
    • Wizard-driven order creation.
    • Improved customization.
    • Feedback...

Released: Dec 18, 2018

Mises à jour de 6.0


  • RayPack Studio
    • Adds support for MSIX
      • RayPack Studio 6.0 offers great possibilities for MSIX packaging:
        • Creating MSIX packages from scratch.
        • Opening existing MSIX/APPX/RPPX packages with full editing capabilities.
        • Conversion of legacy software in MSIX packages.
        • Bulk conversion of packages to MSIX format.
        • Testing for compatibility with MSIX format.
      • The following features of MSIX are supported by RayPack Studio:
        • Standard editors for files and folders, registry, applications...

Released: Dec 12, 2017

Mises à jour de 5.1


  • RayPack
    • Automated repackaging/conversion (also in bulk mode) using Virtual Machines via new PackBot component - PackBot offers the ability to repackage and virtualize applications automatically using defined set of Virtual Machines. It supports various formats, including repackaging executables to Windows Installer Projects, RayPack projects, sequencing using Microsoft App-V Sequencer (4.6/5.x) and Thin-App.
    • PackTailor can tailor Windows Installer instances running on Virtual...

Released: Apr 27, 2017

Mises à jour de 4.1


Packaging Suite 4.1 includes the following new features:


  • Support for Deployment Systems (RayManageSoft / SCCM) - The new option in the FILE menu can be used to prepare the deployment of a package to a supporting deployment system (RayManageSoft or Microsoft SCCM) using an easy-to-use wizard driven routine.
  • Scanning Projects for the Presence of Merge Modules - Both PackRecorder (.rcp) and PackDesigner (.rpp, .msi, and .mst files) can now be scanned for the presence of...