À propos de PDF Creator Plus

Convertissez au format PDF depuis n’importe quel programme.

PDF Creator Plus is a flexible PDF converter that makes PDF creation as easy as printing. You can convert any document to 100% Adobe compatible PDF simply by printing it to the PDF Creator Plus printer which you will find in your Printers list after you install the product. PDF Creator Plus includes the most common features found in other convert-to-PDF programs, such as Microsoft Word hyperlinks and bookmarks, Table of Contents, and 128-bit encryption for document security. It also includes “PDF Editor” and support for other formats, making it a multi-format “Conversion Tool”.

PDF Creator Plus Features

  • Drag and Drop PDF Editing - Combine and Edit Existing PDF
    • Drag and drop PDF files from onto the builder application to start combining and editing. PDF Creator Plus always works with copies of the pages, keeping the original PDF safe. Merge a group of PDF files quickly by dropping the selected group of files into PDF Creator Plus. Drop files individually for control over the page order.
  • Fast and Easy PDF Creation - PDF Creator Plus makes PDF creation as easy as printing
    • PDF Creator Plus combines a virtual printer with a builder application that previews your printed document before the PDF is created. From this application you can create a PDF from a single document or leave it open and continue printing to build a PDF from multiple documents.
  • Preview and Edit - The preview window is more than just a preview, it also includes common editing features
    • You can rearrange, add, copy and delete pages before creating your PDF. The included annotation tools can be used to add notes. signatures and graphics to highlight important areas in your document. You can even save your printed pages as a PDF Creator Plus project file so you can revise your PDF at any time.
  • More Than Just PDF - PDF Creator Plus does more, you can convert to TIFF, JPEG, PNG and other popular image formats
    • As an added bonus, PDF Creator Plus is not limited to creating only PDF documents. In addition to PDF, you can also create TIFF, JPEG, PNG, Windows BMP images and other popular image formats.
  • Microsoft Word Add-In - Maintain headings, bookmarks, outlines and hyperlinks when you print with the included Word Add-In
    • Create PDF documents from Microsoft Word with your headings, outlines and hyperlinks intact by using the 'Save As PDF' Add-In included with the product. In the preview window, the annotation tools allow you to add new or edit existing headings, bookmarks and hyperlinks.
  • Everything In One Place - Access all tools from the Dashboard
    • The PDF Creator Plus Dashboard brings all the tools for accessing the PDF Creator Plus builder application, setting printer settings, activating the product, viewing help resources, and more. Great place to quickly check your subscription expiry date or get notified about new updates.

File Creation

  • Drag and drop PDF editing.
  • Create PDF and images from any Windows application.
  • Microsoft Word Add-In to preserve table of contents and hyperlinks.
  • Create searchable Adobe PDFs.
  • Improved text and image quality in output and preview application.

Output Options

  • Merge/combine multiple files into a single PDF.
  • Create TIFF, JPEG, PNG and other image formats.
  • Create secure and/or password protected PDFs.
  • Fine-tune file size with compression and downsampling.

Editing Features

  • Annotation tools to add text, shapes, and images.
  • Create an outline (TOC), add bookmarks and hyperlinks
  • Page manipulation – add, delete, copy, move and rotate.
  • Preview and 'save as' a project to edit and revise later.

Printer Options

  • Easy access to print settings in dashboard.
  • Copy resolution/hardware margins from other printers.
  • Supports large paper sizes.