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SQL Backup Pro creates smaller, safer, faster backups of SQL Server databases. Backups are compressed, reducing storage space and hardware requirements (often known as "database zip"), they are created in less time than native backups and are securely encrypted. Native SQL Server backups are essentially just a dump of data stored in SQL Server .mdf and .ldf files. This is an inefficient and insecure way of storing backup data as it is stored unencrypted, unprotected and uncompressed. SQL Backup Pro is an enterprise-level tool that scales to meet the needs of larger SQL Server implementations. Access and manage all server backups remotely, from a central, client-based GUI. Secure your data, and meet compliance requirements, with 256-bit AES encryption.

Manage multiple servers' backup operations remotely. Includes enterprise level functionality. SQL Backup is one of the leading tools for creating, compressing and protecting your SQL Server backups. It includes a range of features to make backups faster, simpler and more secure. SQL Backup is used by nearly 5,000 organizations worldwide such as GE, 3M, AT&T, Los Alamos National Labs, Unilever, Panasonic and the US Navy.

With SQL Backup you can:

  • Save time and space – compress database backups...

Dernières nouvelles

SQL Backup Pro 10.1.14
SQL Backup Pro 10.1.14
Prend en charge le téléversement de fichiers de sauvegarde sur le stockage AWS S3 avec le verrouillage d’objet activé.
SQL Backup Pro 10.1.10
SQL Backup Pro 10.1.10
Utilise maintenant une base de données SQLite pour stocker l’historique des activités de chaque serveur.
SQL Backup Pro 10.1.9
SQL Backup Pro 10.1.9
Améliore les performances de l’interface graphique lors de la récupération de l’historique des processus.
SQL Backup Pro 10.1.x
SQL Backup Pro 10.1.x
Améliore la gestion des erreurs pendant la lecture de sauvegardes compressées.
SQL Backup Pro 10.0.13
SQL Backup Pro 10.0.13
Prend en charge la suppression autonome des sauvegardes partielles.
SQL Backup Pro 10.0.8
SQL Backup Pro 10.0.8
Prend en charge d'autres points de terminaison Azure que ceux par défaut.

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One software license is required per server. Support and upgrades: For the duration of the purchased support period; 1 Year, 2 Years or 3 Years, you will receive: Free upgrades: when a new major...

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