ReSharper C++

ReSharper C++ makes Microsoft Visual Studio a much better IDE with refactorings, navigation, code inspections, quick-fixes, code generation and more productivity features for C++ development.

ReSharper C++ Features

  • Analyze and improve code quality - ReSharper C++ highlights code issues in the editor and provides quick-fixes to improve the code in one way or another. Unreachable code? Redundant statements? Suspicious object slicing? Incorrect format specifier? ReSharper C++ will bring these and other kinds of problems to your attention and help you to fix them.
  • Find usages and navigate code - You can instantly jump to any file, type, or type member in a solution. You can search for...

Dernières nouvelles

ReSharper C++ 2021.1
ReSharper C++ 2021.1
Includes new C++20 and C++17 language features, adds new inspections, and improves Unreal Engine support.
ReSharper C++ 2020.1
ReSharper C++ 2020.1
Mise à jour de la prise en charge de C++20, et saisie automatique de code améliorée.
ReSharper C++ 2019.3
ReSharper C++ 2019.3
Améliore la prise en charge du langage C++20 et ajoute des indicateurs pour améliorer la lisibilité du code.
ReSharper C++ 2019.2
ReSharper C++ 2019.2
Inclut de nombreuses améliorations de saisie automatique de code, de navigation et d'analyse de code.
ReSharper C++ 2019.1
ReSharper C++ 2019.1
Les améliorations des performances accélèrent l’indexation et réduisent l’utilisation de la mémoire.
ReSharper C++ 2018.3
ReSharper C++ 2018.3
Améliorations significatives pour les bases de code C++ et Unreal Engine.

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