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À propos de FileUp Professional

Libérez le potentiel de transfert de fichiers avec un contrôle côté client et davantage de flexibilité.

FileUp Professional Edition (FileUpPE) is a powerful file transfer bundle that adds flexible file management and an ActiveX control (XFile) to the dependability of FileUp Standard Edition. With FileUp PE you get powerful server-side code for processing requests, with a rich client-side component for making the requests. FileUp Professional will enhance your applications and help overcome inefficiencies with browsers that aren't fully compliant with RFC1867 (Form-based File Upload in HTML). It includes server-side and client-side components for performing uploads and downloads. The server-side component is a COM object that will run in IIS.

FileUp Professional Key Features:

  • ActiveX upload & download.
  • Drag & drop.
  • Progress indication.
  • FileUp can handle transfer requests for up to 4GB, but browser web forms are limited to 2GB. XFile unlocks the full potential of FileUp.
  • Resumable uploads & downloads.
  • Setting up an application to handle Unicode in file names or multilingual support is very easy on both client and server.

FileUp Features:

  • Unique file names. Set FileUp to create unique file names for uploads in order to avoid the risk of replacing old files with the same names.
  • Supports foreign character sets, including file names.
  • Transactional Uploads offer the following important advantages:
    • Guaranteed synchronization between upload processing and database transactions.
    • Vastly simplified error handling and guaranteed integrity when uploading multiple files.
  • Server-side Progress Indicator lets your clients monitor the progress of their uploads. * This much requested feature allows monitoring the progress of an upload from any location: another window, a different user, or even a completely different application.
  • Full COM+/MTS integration.
  • Performance Monitor Counters allow you to precisely monitor upload and download performance. Upload size and duration can be precisely monitored.
  • MacBinary Decoding. For Macintosh clients, MacBinary is supported. Files uploaded from a Macintosh can be saved with MacBinary format or with only extracted data fork.
  • Recursive Directory Uploads. When used in conjunction with our client-side tool (XFile), entire directory trees can be uploaded in a single operation.
  • Uploads to memory. Uploads can be stored in memory, rather than disk, for better performance and security.

XFile - Powerful ActiveX client-side tool.
XFile conveniently allows users to preset a list of files to send and then manipulate files before or after the transfer. SoftArtisans XFile is a client-side tool that will work in any client that supports COM, such as an HTML file, an ASP or ASP.NET page, within MS Office applications, Visual Basic or C++, as an ActiveX control or through the Windows Shell Extension.

Just drag-and-drop to transfer your files while XFile's progress indicator accurately shows the file's estimated size and transfer time. XFile conveniently allows users to preset a list of files to be sent and then manipulate files before or after the transfer.

XFile Features:

  • Visual (ActiveX) product
    • Can be used from Internet Explorer, Visual Basic.
    • Supports drag-and-drop.
    • List of files to transfer can be preset.
    • Accurate progress indicator.
    • Shows estimated size and transfer time.
  • Non-visual COM component file transfer engine
    • Allows multiple HTTP GET, POST, PUT in a single operation.
    • Generates events for capture by IE or VB.
    • Supports SSL, proxies, multiple authentication mechanisms.
    • Can be used from Internet Explorer (optional silent operation), Visual Basic or ASP.
  • Receive files
    • Download multiple files to preset locations.
    • Download to a string or to a file.
  • Send files
    • Upload via RFC1867 POST (compatible with SoftArtisans FileUp) or HTTP PUT.
    • HTTP Content of POST can be a file or a string.
  • Multilingual support
    • XFile supports Unicode file names and form values, including in directory uploads, on Windows NT 4.0 or higher.
    • SoftArtisans recommends using XFile with SoftArtisans FileUp, a server-side product that is Unicode compliant.
  • Shell Extension allows uploads directly from Windows Explorer.
  • Integration
    • Can be used in conjunction with SoftArtisans FileManager to preset list of files or manipulate files before or after transfer.
    • Can be used with SoftArtisans Archive to compress files before or after transfer.
    • Fully compatible with SoftArtisans FileUp to receive files on the server.

Bonus controls included with FileUp Professional:

  • Archive - Easy to use tool for creating and extracting ZIP and Microsoft CAB format archives.
  • FileManager - Easy-to-use file management control that enhances file manipulation.
  • SMTPmail - Full-featured SMTP e-mail client control.