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SourceGear SourceOffSite is an Internet access tool for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. With SourceGear SourceOffSite, distributed development teams can have secure access to a SourceSafe database using any TCP/IP connection. SourceGear SourceOffSite integrates into the Visual Studio environment, uses encryption to protect data transfer and does not require the use of RAS. With data compression and cryptography, SourceGear SourceOffSite provides fast and secure access to your SourceSafe database. SourceOffSite consists of a Server and a Client. They can communicate over any standard TCP/IP connection, including a PPP connection over a modem, an ISDN line, or an Ethernet connection on the same LAN as the Server.

SourceOffSite enables companies with distributed, cross-platform development teams to have fast and secure access to centralized Visual SourceSafe databases via any TCP/IP connection. The product is a client/server application with a GUI client similar to SourceSafe Explorer. With data compression and cryptography, SourceOffSite provides fast and secure access to your SourceSafe database. SourceOffSite supports all major SourceSafe operations as well as IDE integration.

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SourceGear SourceOffSite patched
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Each user license allows you to have one named user account on one SourceOffSite server. SourceOffSite is licensed on a per user (not concurrent user) basis. The total number of SourceOffSite users...

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