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smSweden5 étoile
I work as a developer for a company selling software for the education industry. I have developed software since 1985 using many different controls from different suppliers.The last 8 years i have... Lire la suite

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smSweden5 étoile
I work as a developer for a company selling software for the education industry. I have developed software since 1985 using many different controls from different suppliers.The last 8 years i have been developing software using Microsoft Visual Studio, and i have tested many add-on products during this period. A lot of the products i have tested and used have been fine, but the best of them is still Syncfusion Essential Studio Reporting Edition. I have developed a lot of programs using modules from this supplier and sure, like with any other supplier we ran into bugs. What is important when You develop, is that when You run into problems, and bugs, Your supplier will be there for You, and support You until the bug has been fixed. With Syncfusion i have had that support all the way. I have submitted several support questions, and every time, when i opened the e-mail box next morning, there was the answer to my problems. Thank You for a brilliant support, I love the products, and I will be buying from Syncfusion again in thr future.
Anonyme5 étoile
Our company purchased Syncfusion Essential Studio less than 2 months ago because we needed a third-party component to work inside .Net using C# that will convert a wide variety of files into PDF, so that we can bundle into 1 final PDF. These file types could include, but not limited to, Word, Excel, HTML, Text files, Images, etc. We used another component before but their limitation was multiple worksheets in an Excel file, since it was only able to convert the first worksheet. And that was very important to our clients. Syncfusion Essential XlsIO Excel converter has no problems converting multiple worksheets. It also converts Word documents very well. We did have an issue because of customizations on our end with some word documents, but Syncfusion support team and developers have worked side-by-side with us via their Direct-Trac Support System to help us get over the hump. Their response time is always consistent. We report a ticket during working hours and there is always a response by the following morning. Other than the support, the help material they provide is very good. I've used other third-party components where the documentation was very vague and outdated to the current version. Syncfusion sample website and documentation are the complete opposite. We have been very happy since purchasing Syncfusion, and so are our clients, now that they have their new PDF Bundler using Syncfusion's Reporting Edition's components. Even though they only started using this new component recently and I'm sure issues will arise, I have a peace of mind knowing that I can always count on Syncfusion's support team to help me out should I run into an issue I can't resolve using their Knowledge Base. I would definitely recommend!
Anonyme5 étoile
I was specifically looking for a program that would allow me to read in a PDF file with a form and then fill it and save it either as the same file or a new one. It also needed to be able save the form data so that it could be uploaded on its own. The ability to easily create forms from scratch was also necessary. A nice feature of Syncfusion PDF is the ability to read a flat PDF and write it out with additional info, effectively filing it. I tried a number of other programs before Syncfusion PDF and they tended to meet some but not all of my needs. In fact one of them had several bugs in it – including failing to rename fields on a copied page that I dropped it. They still have not got back to me to say ithey have fixed it. Syncfusion PDF is by far the easiest to use PDF creator I came across. Their online support is excellent. I raised a couple of queries which were answered quickly and satisfactorily. A couple of bugs which I did find were acknowledged, verified and fixed within 48 hours. I was so satisfied so that I tested the XLS and DocID components and bought the Reporting Suite instead of just the PDF. Highly recommended.
ricktburnsWI, USA5 étoile
We have utilized Syncfusion's Essential Studio Reporting edition products for around four years now. The developer installation is quick and easy and it comes with hundreds of useful code samples to get started. With the Reporting Edition I've mainly used the Essential PDF portion, it is simple to create PDFs on-the-fly with their framework. Licensing is easy because it is done per developer, so if someone else joins your team you just purchase a new license or if it is a replacement you send them an e-mail and they transfer the old license to the new development team member. I've also found that their contact support is quite knowledgeable in technical information and responsive (less than a day) via their online Direct-Trac helpdesk system. Their online knowledge base is also a good resource. Overall, it's a great package backed by a reputable company that cares about the products and support that they deliver.
jenniferTaiwan ROC5 étoile

We needed to directly generate Excel, Word, PDF files, but did not want to have to install Office. We downloaded and tested a number of the components and ultimately decided to use Syncfusion's products. Developing with Syncfusion's components is very easy, due to their syntax being close to Microsoft VBA which was a main factor for us deciding to adopt these products. Technical support is also impressive with timely responses and delivery of bug and HotFixes meaning we can continue with our system development without a pause or need to seek another solution. A big thank you to Syncfusion for providing such excellent products and to their technical support team for their assistance.

bigboyokCanada5 étoile
DOCIO- excellent product to create native Microsoft Word documents. Used to replace text, mail merge and format conversion are so easy to deal with using Syncfusion. Not only the products are of top notch and the customer support is second to none. Responsive and all sample codes are working to illustrate many tricks that can be done with the product. Very pleased with my purchase.