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k.sathishkumarIndia5 étoile
Syncfusion offers a complete range of components for ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WPF and Silverlight development projects, which is not available in any other competitor including the Microsoft. It... Lire la suite

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k.sathishkumarIndia5 étoile
Syncfusion offers a complete range of components for ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WPF and Silverlight development projects, which is not available in any other competitor including the Microsoft. It includes chart control, GridGroupingControl with options like (customizable filter option, multilevel grouping of columns, column header checkbox) DockingManager with multiple themes, Treeview item with customizable image and lazy loading of nodes. Surly I have to mention about their valuable online support, which is incomparable where team is always reachable for any kind of problem in any of the their products. They will arrange live meeting to understand exact problem and provide solutions on the spot in control modification or separate patch which will save lot of our productivity time. I will truly recommend Syncfusion for powerful products and valuable on time support. Thank you Syncfusion!
V Cole5 étoile
My company needed a chart control that could perform well under a heavy load - potentially thousands of points with multiple points added each second. I spent a lot of hours comparing different chart controls available, both free and licensed - Syncfusion had the only chard that didn't blow up the CPU usage in the test app. Since then we have purchased the Syncfusion Essential Studio and were able to easily customize the chart to our application's needs. In addition, the support is superb - if I can't find an answer through their forums or FAQ, I open up a support thread and get a quick response from their team.
jeckCA, USA5 étoile
The product is mature and solid, so I didn't have to refer to help or support all that much, however. Having used the product for about 7 years (first in .NET 1.1, recently in 3.5) I consider SF components almost an extension of native controls, sort of like WinForms/WPF Professional :) It's hard to go back to just native UI toolbox. Quick responses from support show the professionalism of Syncfusion guys. As soon as you open a ticket they give you a date (usually next day) by which you will receive the response. The response most of the time will have a sample ready-to-run project with the fix.
Development DirectorSweden5 étoile
We are extensively using grid controls in our product and evaluated a number of different suppliers. We chose Syncfusion for its superior flexibility and extensibility. We have now used a lot of different Syncfusion components for over four years with very good result. When having problems we also have gotten excellent and fast support both how to use the products and fixing problems. We are very happy with the products and services Syncfusion provides.
ericlemesBrazil5 étoile
I evaluated the SyncFusion features for one of my company's applications. My first surprise was the support received from sales. The guys called me offering help in the evaluation. When I told them that I had some performance troubles, immediately they put me in touch with the sales support team and readly helped me to achive the high performance requirements needed for my application. I evaluated at least 5 component suites and I didn't received this help from any of them. After we decided to choose for SyncFusion, specially for the grid performance and features, I achieved the other level of relationship with them. They entered in contact with me telling the differentials from the User Interface Edition. Then the charting comes into play. After evaluating lots of charting components (at least 4 suites), SyncFusion won again. For features, user experience and ease-to-use. The price of the entire User Interface Edition is a bargain for what it offers. Just for the charting and the grid, worth the price. After purchasing the whole User Interface suite, I keep discovering other very useful components, like the docking manager. Again, SyncFusion surprised me, when I needed the support. The guys are ready to answer, usually in less than one day with a good solution, even if it involves the creation of new samples to simplify the understanding of the problem. The direct trac system is very simple and useful. That's why I recommend the SyncFusion components. Not just because the components are stable, useful and has lots of features, but because there are great PEOPLE in this company working to make it the number one. PORTUGUESE: Eu avaliei os componentes da SyncFusion para uma das aplicações da minha empresa. Minha primeira surpresa foi com o suporte a vendas. Eles me ligaram oferencendo ajuda na avaliação. Quando disse a eles que tive problemas com performance, imediatamente me colocaram em contato com o time de suporte a vendas e prontamente me ajudaram a atingir os requisitos de alta-performance da minha aplicação. Eu avaliei pelo menos 5 suites de componentes e não recebi esse tipo de suporte de nenhum deles. Após decidir pela compra do SyncFusion, especialmente pela performance e funcionalidades do grid , o relacionamento com a companhia atingiu outro nível. Eles entraram em contato comigo mostrando os diferenciais da suite completa (User Interface Edition). Então os gráficos entraram na brincadeira. Após avaliar vários componentes de charting (pelo menos 4 suites), SyncFusion ganhou novamente. Pelas features, user experience e facilidade de uso. O preço da suite completa é muito pequeno perto do que ela oferece. Apenas pelos gráficos e pelo grid, já vale o preço. Após comprar toda a User Interface Edition, eu continuo descobrindo outros controles muito úteis, como o Docking Manager. Novamente, a SyncFusion conseguiu me surpreender quando precisei de suporte. Eles estão sempre prontos para responder, geralmente em menos de um dia, com uma boa solução, mesmo que para chegar na solução seja necessário criar exemplos para simplificar o entendimento do problema. O sistema de acompanhamento de chamados (Direct Trac) é muito simples e útil. Por isso eu recomendo os componentes da SyncFusion. Não apenas porque os componentes são estáveis, úteis e tem várias features, mas também porque existem excelentes pessoas nesta empresa, trabalhando para torná-la a número um.
imedlayouniGermany5 étoile
Syncfusion offers a complete range of performance components for the best solution for ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WPF and Silverlight development projects. For all project-solutions I'm using syncfusion-products because they are powerful and stable. However, the he most decisive point is time saving! You can quickly develop solutions with these powerful products. In the future syncfusion-products will be with me! Thank you Syncfusion!
wenamywangUSA5 étoile
we have been using gridgroupingcontrol. it provides very powerful out of box functionalities(filter, sorting, column selection, grouping etc) and give a big room for customization as well. we achieved our desired goal by using it and saved a big chulk of development time. one thing i would like to mention is their support. their direct support has been very responsive and helpful, in average 1 day turn around time it has helped out a lot during our development and all most all the time the solution they suggested solved our problem as we expected.
Andre van Staden5 étoile
Starting off a project seeking for a interface control suite that has a similar look and feel across Windows Forms, ASP, Microsoft WPF and Microsoft Silverlight is daunting to say the least. Then to find the solution from one vendor with a great track record, excellent support and great in-house knowledge is almost impossible. After wasting money and time on trying to tie up suites from different vendors, I came across Syncfusion. Their Essential Studio User Interface Edition is the simple answer to all our needs - and may I add super value for money. They provide a vast set of user controls across all the platforms with an easily recognizable common look and feel. Armed with this suite, you will be able to write interfaces to any application that will awe your customers. As an Independent consultant, my name and reputation is tied to the outcome of projects I sanction and part take in. We are currently using this product to produce exceptional tools and management products in the banking world. Having products available that will run on almost any platform, is essential when you play in this market and Syncfusion simply delivers. The set of controls is vast and is being improved and extended with each release. Once you have tried using this suite, you will be wondering why you ever bothered with other interface suites as they simply cannot compete with the well thought out design of controls in the Interface Edition. I give it a five star rating without any reserve.
rajanikantkUSA5 étoile
With the extremely high volume of data being pushed to end-users, finding the right grid control was crucial; after a very rigorous side-by-side test of several .NET component vendors’ offerings, we chose Syncfusion Essential Grid for the project because it’s extensible, offers a rich set of features, and is the fastest solution in the market. In addition to having the best products available their commitment to customer service sets them apart from other vendors. Syncfusion has been our favorite for over 4 years now.