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WPTools is a suite of native Delphi components to create and edit formatted text. The central part is a complete WYSIWYG word processing component which is surprisingly small. WPTools has a lot of useful functions. WPTools supports editable header and footer in its perfect page layout modes, zooming, split-screen, tables, also with the possibility of page breaks inside table rows and a powerful CSS like paragraph style concept. WPTools supports a variety of different character and paragraph attributes, style-sheets, numbering and bullets. Plus, it supports nestable bookmarks, embedded images (with text wrap around) and table of contents. The mail merge facility in WPTools is exceptionally strong. It is also possible to use it with forms for data entry.

This VCL component suite includes editor components, dialogs and all the important GUI controls to integrate word processing into any Delphi application. The standard package already handles hyperlinks, headers and footers, paragraph styles, bookmarks, RTF, HTML (also HTML/CSS), tables and graphics. The page layout view provides a complete WYSIWYG preview of the page, including display of headers and footers. Integrate this component suite into your application to guarantee that your end users...

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Integrate Word Processing into your Delphi 12 Apps
Integrate Word Processing into your Delphi 12 Apps
November 30, 2023Product Update
WPTools V9.3.8 adds Delphi 12 Athens support, enabling developers to create advanced VCL word processing applications with the latest Delphi release.
WPTools v9.3.7.0
WPTools v9.3.7.0
August 1, 2023Nouvelle Version
Améliore la prise en charge des moniteurs haute résolution et de la mise à l’échelle VCL.
WPTools v9.3.6.4
WPTools v9.3.6.4
March 28, 2023Nouvelle Version
Améliore les fonctionnalités de publipostage et de paragraphe.
WPTools v9.3.4
WPTools v9.3.4
November 7, 2022Nouvelle Version
Améliore l’algorithme de positionnement du curseur et le rédacteur RTF.
WPTools v9.3.0
WPTools v9.3.0
June 30, 2022Nouvelle Version
Améliore la stabilité et la mise à l’échelle après des changements d'affichage DPI.
WPTools v9.2.200
WPTools v9.2.200
February 2, 2022Nouvelle Version
Améliore les performances de l’éditeur lorsque des caractères, dans un grand paragraphe, sont supprimés.

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I started using WPTools in 1998, this was an amazing product at that time - and since then it just gets better and better each year. The quality of the product is extremely high, but what really makes... Lire la suite

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