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    Description : Publish DITA and DocBook to WebHelp. Oxygen XML WebHelp helps you transform DITA and DocBook resources into WebHelp output. You can transform DITA and DocBook documents into three types of WebHelp systems, Desktop WebHelp (using the predefined DITA ... Lire la suite

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    Description : A modern commenting platform for smooth interaction with your community. Oxygen Feedback provides a simple and efficient way for your community to interact and offer feedback. It is easy to configure and integrate, and it includes a user-friendly ... Lire la suite

  3. Notes de publication : Aspose.BarCode for.NET V24.2- February 26, 2024 Aspose.BarCode for Android via Java V24.2- February 23, 2024 Aspose.BarCode for Java V24.2- February 22, 2024 Aspose.BarCode for Python via.NET V24.1- February 10, 2024 Aspose.CAD for.NET V24.1- February 13, ... Lire la suite

  4. Description : Create PDF documents without utilizing Adobe. Aspose.PDF Product Family Pack helps you manipulate PDF documents on any platform. It includes native APIs to generate, manipulate, compress, secure and convert PDF files to multiple formats without any Adobe ... Lire la suite

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    Description : XBRL add-in for Excel. Altova European Banking Authority (EBA) XBRL add-in for Excel shields reporting companies from the complexity of XBRL syntax. It makes it easy for financial professionals to generate EBA reports compliant with EBA XBRL Filing Rules, ... Lire la suite

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    Description : Export reports to Microsoft Word and HTML formats from JasperReports and JasperServer. Aspose.Words for JasperReports is a comprehensive solution for exporting reports generated in JasperReports platform to various document formats, such as Microsoft Word ... Lire la suite

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    Notes de publication : Adds support for Microsoft SharePoint Server Subscription Edition. Added support for Microsoft SharePoint Server Subscription Edition. ... Lire la suite

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    Description : Enhance standard SharePoint blog functionality. ArtfulBits Blog complements and extends SharePoint blog functionality. You can update your blog with videos, zoomable images and categorization tags. You can also filter blog entries by category or tag and ... Lire la suite

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    Description : Generate DOC, RTF, PDF, PowerPoint PPT and PPS and native Excel reports from Reporting Services and add barcodes to Reporting Services reports. Aspose.Total for Reporting Services (SSRS) is a suite of Rendering Extensions for Microsoft SQL Server ... Lire la suite

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    Description : Convert between several popular document formats, quickly and reliably, from within your SharePoint document library. Aspose.Total for SharePoint is a compilation of every SharePoint component offered by Aspose. It lets you can easily convert and combine ... Lire la suite