Hex-Rays SA
Rue Rennequin Sualem 34
4000 Liège
Numero verde: +32-4-222-4300
Orario: Mon-Fri, 8:30am–17:30pm CET (UTC+1.00)


Hex-Rays was founded in 2005 to improve the digital security and face the rising Cybersecurity threats that are increasingly affecting both public and private entities. Fully independent from any governmental agencies and stock market pressures, Hex-Rays is renowned for developing a state-of-the-art binary software analysis tool used for reverse-engineering, hostile code analysis and vulnerability research. Its world-famous product IDA Pro is the premier product for software disassembly. Hex...

IDA Pro is the de facto standard when it comes to binary reverse engineering.


Ultime Notizie

IDA Pro + Hex-Rays Decompilers v7.6
IDA Pro + Hex-Rays Decompilers v7.6
La soluzione all'avanguardia di analisi del codice binario aggiunge il supporto di Apple Silicon e migliora le prestazioni.