Associa e visualizza rapidamente i dati nelle app Angular

Marzo 18, 2024
Infragistics Professional 23.2 include una potente griglia di dati Angular che consente all'app di gestire set di dati di qualsiasi dimensione.

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Infragistics Professional is a comprehensive toolkit for software developers, offering a wide range of pre-built, high-performance UI components for building visually appealing and feature-rich applications across Angular, React, Web Components, Blazor, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, Windows Forms, WPF and Xamarin. It includes controls such as data grids, charts, navigation menus, and more, along with productivity tools to streamline development processes.

Infragistics Professional 23.2 includes the new Ignite UI Angular Data Grid, a full-featured modern component designed to enhance your data visualization capabilities. The grid boasts a rich set of features including data editing, selection, filtering, sorting, grouping, pinning, paging, templating, column moving, and exporting. This latest release brings even more functionality with collapsible column groups, column hiding, pinning, reordering, and moving capabilities. For customization, conditional styling allows for tailored aesthetics at the row or cell level. Advanced editing is empowered by a powerful API for Angular CRUD operations, and the grid also supports export to Excel, advanced filtering, and live data with real-time updates. These features, along with many more, provide a robust solution for all your data grid needs.

Infragistics Professional is licensed per developer and is available as a Perpetual License with a 1, 2 or 3 year support and maintenance subscription. See our Infragistics Professional licensing page for full details.

The Ignite UI for Angular Data Grid is available in the following products: