SAPIEN Technologies vince due premi ComponentSource

Aprile 29, 2024
ComponentSource ha assegnato a SAPIEN Technologies il premio come Editore Top 50 e il premio Prodotto Top 100 per il 2024.

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SAPIEN Technologies is a privately held software company based in California, that has been developing software since 1986. It offers a variety of tools aimed at simplifying Windows administrative tasks, with a focus on scripting and PowerShell. Some of its core products include PowerShell Studio, a development environment for writing and editing PowerShell scripts, and PrimalSQL, a tool for managing and running database queries. ComponentSource has been in partnership with SAPIEN Technologies since 2013, helping to distribute its award-winning products to the global developer community.

Congratulations to SAPIEN Technologies on winning a Top 50 Publisher Award and Top 100 Product Award for PowerShell Studio. We're pleased to once again recognize SAPIEN Technologies' ongoing excellence in developing scripting and automation solutions.

Each year, the ComponentSource Awards leverage real global sales data to identify the top 100 bestselling software components and development tools. This recognition not only reflects real-world adoption by developers but also provides valuable insights into current market trends and preferred solutions, making it a trusted source for gauging developer preferences. For full details on this year's awards see: