Costruisci app di creazione report VCL con RAD Studio 12.1

Aprile 30, 2024
List & Label 29.002 consente agli sviluppatori di progettare applicazioni VCL con potenti funzionalità di creazione di report utilizzando l'ultima versione di RAD Studio.

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List & Label by combit is a software development toolkit that empowers software developers to integrate comprehensive reporting functionalities into their desktop, web, and cloud applications. It offers features such as data binding, complex data visualization, and a user-friendly report designer, along with printing, exporting, and previewing capabilities. List & Label operates independently of programming languages and data sources, providing developers with the flexibility to design and deliver informative reports within their development environment.

The List & Label 29.002 service pack adds support for Embarcadero RAD Studio 12.1. This compatibility allows developers to utilize List & Label’s VCL components with the new version of RAD Studio to seamlessly integrate its reporting functionalities into their RAD Studio projects. This support enhances the development experience for users creating Windows reporting applications using the RAD Studio IDE.

To see a full list of what's new in 29.002, see our release notes.

List & Label is licensed per developer and is available as an annual license with 1 year support. See our List & Label licensing page for full details.

List & Label is available in the following products: